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There is much written about the culture of work – the challenges with managing constant change, organizational and technological complexity, a continuous need to optimize along with increasing levels of risk.

So, as technology continues to advance at an unprecedented pace, how do organizations move to the forefront by adopting a culture of innovation rather than be caught in a reactive state?

There are numerous simultaneous disruptions occurring that when met with symbiosis can yield tremendous strides in achieving goals which impact people, the planet, and contribute to greater widespread prosperity. From regional innovations in infrastructure, agriculture, and healthcare, to global, mega smart cities, these transformations ultimately contribute to the values SAP embraces around sustainability and abundance in opportunities.

Meanwhile, a major technological revolution is taking place:

  • 5G is more than a telecommunications upgrade as it enables entirely new service delivery mechanisms and opportunities for massive scale and interconnectivity.

  • Customer Experience (CX) shifts from a qualitative issue to one of major success determinants and Gartner named SAP a Leader in 2018 for their commerce solutions.

  • Disruptive business models are changing the way people access, purchase, and distribute goods and services. Digital health raised a record nearly $6 billion in venture capital last year, an industry born just a decade ago. Through platform-enablement, partner and ISV ecosystems expand as consumers procure web-based services and products through new models and more globally connected supply chains.

  • As Industries embark on digital transformation and modernization,  there are disruptions throughout sectors like utilities, financial services, transportation, and others.

  • Emerging widespread usages of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Blockchain as well as the strategic uses of API-led architectures and embedded, integrative security are all strategic competitive advantages when successfully applied and deployed.

These comprise what Gartner describes as:  Willful Disruption and 7 Disruptions You Might Not See Coming Frictionless buying opportunities comprise a market they assess with $450 billion at stake which encourages public private partnerships, and new business models.

They also propose a new  social contract consisting of the implicit and explicit set of principles that describe how residents want their society to look. As the use of digital technology affects society at large and digital technologies are used to address larger societal issues, we are moving to a #digitalsociety. As societies are based on the idea of a social contract, they call for establishing a digital social contract.

The process for engaging the workforce through partnerships, collaborations, next generation programs to co-innovate can serve as a springboard for ideas and innovations to fulfill this purpose as well as contribute to the larger purpose driven objectives.

SAP's Co-Innovation Lab offers possibilities for engaging with Certified Product teams and leveraging Certified solutions and App stores to facilitate success from use case through market readiness and business continuity.

Co-Innovate with SAP Service Value Proposition

  • Use Case Assessment. As part of this service, your idea will first be validated by the SAP product development team to safeguard your investment.

  • Expertise and Guidance. A dedicated project lead will be assigned to support and help you navigate the entire product development lifecycle.

  • Quality Assurance. As you enter the final stages of product development, participation in the co-innovated with SAP program will ensure your solution is assessed against SAP’s product standards, including integration test(s).

  • Differentiation and Trust Drives Sales. The co-innovated with SAP and SAP certification logo provide powerful endorsements of integration with SAP that will help you stand out in the marketplace. In turn, these seals of approval give customers the confidence that your solution can be deployed seamlessly into their SAP environment that helps drive sales.

  • Market Ready. The program goes beyond just productizing your idea – it also helps you take your new solution to market. Partner solutions are listed on SAP Certified Solutions Directory and can additionally be published in SAP App Center, as per its guidelines. This creates exposure for your business to the SAP customers that visit each day looking to purchase apps that alleviate complexity and innovate their business processes.

  • Yearly Renewal. Take advantage of the opportunity to align your product to latest SAP releases (including enhancements) on a yearly basis. In addition, renewals ensure continuity of logo usage, certification and online listings.


How will your organization embrace the change?