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Solution Order Management represents an end-to-end process that spans from creating a solution order to delivering products of different categories, such as physical goods, one-time services, long-running services, and subscriptions. This includes the integration with invoicing and controlling.

Business Use Case

Showing the capabilities of integrating C4C with S4 Solution Order

Key Capabilities and Business Benefits 

  • Easily integrate with SAP Sales Cloud with S4 via API


  • SAP Cloud for Customer

  • S4

  • Node js(Optional based on your requirement )

Solution Order

Step 1:In order to create S4 Solution Order, please generate the c4c payload as described in the below

Step 2: As described in step 1, create the S4 Solution Order button in C4C and consume the S4 Solution Order API.

Step 3: Please Bifurcate the C4C items into two groups according to the Solution order payload indicated in step 1

Step 4: Please click on the button "Create S4 Solution Order," which creates S4 Solution Order (i.e. S4 Sales order,S4 Service Order ) and populate the same values in C4C header field as hyperlink

Step 5: S4 Solution Order will open when we click the S4 Solution Order hyperlink in C4C.

Conclusion : Showing the Integration between C4C Sales Quote  -S4 Solution Order via API which creates (sales and service orders).Similar you can creates other transaction as mentioned below


You can add the following types of items for different products to a solution order: