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In the world of customer support at Prasad Company, a unique story unfolds. Picture this: A loyal customer faced an issue with their trusty old pump. Seeking a solution, they reached out to our dedicated support centre.

Here’s where it gets interesting – our savvy agent saw an opportunity not just to solve the current problem but also to enhance the customer’s experience. They highlighted that the existing pump was aging and out of warranty, proposing an upgrade(upselling) to a new, more efficient model.

With finesse, the agent swiftly crafted a comprehensive quote within Sales Cloud V2. This quote ingeniously combined both the sales item for the new pump and a service item to handle the installation seamlessly. Little did the customer know that this quote would initiate a single, harmonious transaction in S4 Cloud, known as a Solution Order.

This elegant solution not only resolved the initial issue but also simplified the entire process for our agent, making their job smoother and more efficient. In the end, it was a win-win – a delighted customer with a reliable new pump and an empowered agent making customer interactions a breeze

Solution Order in SAP S/4 HANA Cloud

Solution Orders in SAP S/4HANA Cloud streamline business processes by consolidating various sales components, such as products, services, contracts, subscriptions, and projects, into a single, unified order. This integration enhances efficiency, simplifies management, and contributes to greater profitability for enterprises. Solution Order Management represents an end-to-end process that spans from creating a solution order to delivering products of different categories which includes the integration with invoicing and controlling.

For more info, Please refer this page: Solution Order Management

Architecture diagram for Quote to Solution Order

In Sales Cloud V2, when an agent generates a sales quote, it is possible to trigger a notification to the cloud integration of the integration suite or a Node.js application on BTP through autoflow and the communication system. Autoflow allows filters to be applied, ensuring specific notifications are sent, such as when the sales quote status is 'In Process.' In the integration suite or Node.js application, quote details can be forwarded to SAP S/4HANA Cloud for creating a Solution Order using the ODATA API.

Sales quote notification looks like this in case you are wondering:

Now let’s see some set up configurations to achieve the process mentioned above.

Set Up in SAP Business Technology Platform

Either cloud integration of Integration suite or node js app on cloud foundry can be used to parse the sales quote notification received and then forward it to SAP S/4 HANA Cloud via OData API. The url generated from this step will be used in further steps. You can find the relevant OData API for solution order here: API_BUS_SOLUTION_ORDER_SRV

Set Up in Sap Sales Cloud Version V2

1.Establish a communication system using either SAP Cloud Platform Integration (CPI) or Node Js app URL to send notification.

2.Create an Autoflow rule such a way that includes communication system endpoint. Configure an event so that when the sales quote status is modified to “In Process” (you can customize this condition as necessary), sales quote payload will be automatically triggered from SAP Sales Cloud Version 2.

In order to create S4 Solution Order, make sure the payload generated from Cloud Integration or Node Js app as described in this page:Create Business Solution Order Examples


Bifurcate the items in Sales Quote into two groups based on the Solution Order payload. In this scenario I am using sales and service items.

This should automatically trigger the payload to the CPI endpoint or Node Js app when the status is set to “In-Process.” Which creates S4 Solution Order (i.e. S4 Sales Order, S4 Service Order ) and populate the same values in C4C header field as hyperlink

Note that, clicking on the S4 Solution Order hyperlink within C4C will open the S4 Solution Order and there is no ATP check from S4


Demonstrating the integration between SAP Sales Cloud Version 2 Sales Quote and S4 Solution

Order through an API, which enables the creation of sales and service orders. Likewise, you can establish similar integrations for other transactions as listed below.

  • Service Contracts

  • Customer Projects

  • Subscriptions etc.

You can add the following types of items for different products to a solution order: