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Configuring SAP CRM TFM (Trade Fund Management)

Trade Funds Management enables planning, tracking, accruing and controlling of Trade funds. All trade funds are processed through fund Management via linking between the TF’s (Trade funds) and TP’s(Trade promotions/Trade activities). Funds are used to control trade spends at different level of customer, product and spend type. This helps manufactures to manage distribution and consumption of Funds.

Funds Management is tightly integrated with other modules like

1.       TFM- Set up Funds plans and Funds

2.       TPM- Create TP’s with valid fund plans

3.       ERP Integration- Processing of orders against TP’s

4.       FI posting – Accrual run and accrual integration back to TP through Check book

5.       Claims Integration – All types of claim process

Funds Plan:- It’s a framework for the funds setup and defines Validity period, currency and other attributes that all funds have in common.  You can create Funds Plan as shown below through web UI.


SPRO->CRM-> Funds Management->Funds Plans and Funds ->Define Funds plan types

Assign Fund types as below:-

Define Fund Transaction type as below.

Fund:- A fund is an object that allocates budgets for a specific customer-product-sales org(Expense type combination)

A fund is identified by: Funds Plan, Fund Type and Attributes (Account, product, individual hierarchies and territory).

Budget: It represents an initial fund amount which can use or consumer by TP’s.

Budget Distribution is done via Budget posting, budget update or budget transfer.

You can update the budget as using the transaction type: Budget update

Budget Posting is done with status – Approved. Otherwise it won’t appear in the Funds checkbook.

Similarly you can do Budget Transfer to exchange budget between funds.

Generally these funds are created on Business partner/ Business partner hierarchy / Product / Product Hierarchy which can be consumed in the relevant TP’s. This will be determined by fund attributes which are assigned to Fund type in the configurations.

For example: Fund type- Off Invoice, Fund attributes are Account and product category.

Finally you can link Fund plan to Trade promotion.