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HANA Free Text Search Configuration for SAP CRM 7.03


Document Objective 


This document provides the User with the details of the configuration that needs to be set up for the activation for Hana Free Text Search for SAP CRM for IS-U (EHP3 SP05).


1.     Features


The business function Utilities HANA Free Text Search provides you with the following features:


1.1 Switch between Standard Search and HANA Free Text Search on the Identification Page


You can switch to HANA Free Text Search by choosing the Free Text Search pushbutton in the top left corner above the Search Criteria section on the Identification page. You can switch back to the standard search by choosing the Standard Search pushbutton in the top left corner above the free text search field.


1.2 Search for a Business Partner


You can search for a business partner by typing free text in the search field, which may correspond to one, or a combination of, the following search criteria: business partner ID, last name, first name, address.

While typing, you will see a list of business partner suggestions in the drop down list; you can select a desired suggestion to confirm it or continue typing to retrieve more specific results.


1.3 Confirm Business Partner


  1. 1.     You can confirm a business partner by using one of the following methods after typing free text in the search field:

  2. 2.     Pressing the ENTER key (in the case of a single hit)

  3. 3.     Clicking on a desired suggestion in the drop down list

  4. 4.     Using the arrow down key to select the desired suggestion from the drop down list and pressing the ENTER key

1.4 Error Tolerance


When performing a free text search, a perimeter for fault tolerance exists. This means that some of the results of your search may not be an exact match for what you have typed in.


2.     Configuration Set Up


The Free Text Search functionality requires specific system setup before performing a free text

Search for business partners and premises. The two main components to perform this are: SAP Gateway and SAP NetWeaver Embedded Search.

2.1 Activate and Deactivate Business Functions

Based on version of CRM the functional need to be activated. As per SP05, following functions should be deactivated/activated:



  2. 2. CRM_UT_HANA_SCH_2


  1. 3.      CRM_PERFORMANCE_2

  2. 4.     CRM_UT_ER_3

  3. 5.     CRM_UT_HANA_SCH_3

2.2 Populating the Business Partner Search Table

  • Execute report BPADRSEARCH_FILL using transaction SE38.

  • For more information, see SAP Note 595442 – Poor Performance for 'Partner by Address' Search Help.


2.3 Activate SAP Gateway

SAP Gateway must be activated if not already, use transaction: /IWFND/IWF_ACTIVATE

2.3.1 Activating Gateway Service and setting up OData System Alias

  • In SPRO:

    Define a system alias of the destination system for the Gateway Services


SAP NetWeaver -> Gateway -> OData Channel -> Configuration -> Connection Settings -> SAP NetWeaver Gateway to SAP System -> Manage SAP System Aliases


  • Transaction /IWFND/MAINT_SERVICE, activate the Gateway Service CRM_IU_HSS_SRV by connecting the alias created in the previous step


  • Key: Pressing the ICF Node pushbutton, activates the service.

2.3.2 Activating ICF (Internet Communication Framework) Service:


  • Transaction SICF-> Execute service CRM_IU_HSS_UI5 -> under service ui5_ui5/sap, activate the service CRM_IU_HSS_UI5.

2.5 SAP NetWeaver Embedded Search set up

2.5.1 NetWeaver DB destination

Set the TREX/HANA Destination to the HANA DB connection configured earlier


  • SPRO-> SAP NetWeaver -> Search and Operational Analytics -> SAP NetWeaver Enterprise Search -> HANA / TREX Connectivity -> Set HANA or TREX Destination


2.5.2 NetWeaver Embedded Search Connectors

  • Pre-requisite:

    • User must have authorization role SAP_ESH_LOCAL_ADMIN assigned to the profile for maintaining the below customization.


  • Transaction: ESH_MODELER -> Opens in a web UI -> expand.CRM_IU->CRM->CRM-IU-

    • CRM_IU_HSS_BP - > Click on Actions and then select Create Connector.

    • CRM_IU_HSS_PREMISE -> Click on Actions and then select Create Connector.


2.6 Definition of Free Text Search Profiles and assignment


In order to activate the split screen feature of the HANA Free Text Search follow:


  • SPRO -> CRM -> Industry Specific Solutions -> Utilities Industry -> Settings for User Interfaces -> Identification -> Define Identification Profiles

    • And enable the ‘Activate Enhanced Identification’ checkbox for the function profile ID IUICMD linked to the Business Role in context.

Now that all the necessary configurations, data base set ups and plug-ins have been maintained, we must create the relevant Search Object Profile and Assign the same to the respective Business Role.


  • SPRO -> CRM -> Industry Specific Solutions -> Utilities Industry -> Settings for User Interfaces -> Identification -> Define Free Text Search Profiles.


  • SPRO -> CRM -> UI Framework -> Business Roles -> Define Business Roles -> Function Profile


For the function profile ID: IU_HSS maintain the search object profile created previously.


Free Text search will now be enabled and the User will be able to search Premise and Business Partner.