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In this blog, I would like to share my experience in implementing the C4S ticketing solution integrated with HANA Cloud portal with standard widgets. I will provide here the C4S configuration required to activate the HANA cloud portal integration.

Prerequisites for HANA Cloud Portal and C4C:

  • Configuration admin has access and privileges to the HANA Cloud Platform
  • Customer account is subscribed to Cloud Portal productive application [portal:nwc:cloud] on the Factory Data Center
  • An SCN user or alternatively a customer Identity Provider user is assigned as admin to the account
  • Customer account is subscribed to Service Portal productive application (depends on customer account location)
    • Factory EU:  [customerod:seodcustprod]
    • Factory US: [customerodus:seodcustprod]
    • Factory AP: [customerodap:seodcustprod]
  • The HANA Cloud Portal users must have the same email address as the C4C users.

Standard widgets provided by SAP used in this configuration:

  • Ticket List
  • Ticket Details
  • Create Ticket
  • High Priority Tile
  • Needs Attention Tile
  • Create Ticket Tile
  • No Updates Tile
  • All Tickets Tile
  • Open Tickets Tile

Required Configuration for C4C :

  1. Define Project scope to extend the employee support scenarios in Portal in ‘Service’ :
    1. Employee Support  : Service ‘Communication Channel – Portal’ self-service portal
    2. Customer Care : ‘ Communication for Customer care ‘ Activate the customer service portal integration
  2. Creation to Communication system _PORTAL from the Administrator work center .
  3. Define the communication arrangements for ‘Customer Service portal integration ‘
  4. Create an Admin user ‘ PORTALADMIN’ with all the administrator rights
  5. To define the field options available in the HANA cloud portal include the ‘Portal Adaptation’ by Adopt mode from Administrator work centre. The Portal Ques provides the options for you to define the specific fields in the HANA cloud portal widgets.
  6. Go to the Portal Queue from the ‘Portal Adaptaion ‘ mode and then define the required fields need to be  visible on the Portal.
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