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I would like to take this opportunity to share my project knowledge and experience. This document refers to SAP C4C territory management, will help reader to understand cloud for customer territory management offerings.

This document will help to readers who are setting up the territory management in their client’s project.


Territory management is account sharing feature that grant the access of account based on the characteristics of accounts. It enables to structure data as same way as you have sales territory hierarchy.

It allows us to design the hierarchy as you have your company sales structure and align the responsibility of employee.

This document focuses on following features:

  • Setting up the territory
  • Setup Territory Team
  • Territory Data Sources
    • Territory Master Data
    • Territory Account Mapping
    • Territory Team
  • Setup Authorization for Territory
  • Upload Territory
  • Setting up C4C Rules
  • Realignment Run

Territory Setup

SAP clouds for customer application allow designing the company sales territory structure into system.

Administrator requires defining the project implementation scoping.  From Sales -> Account and Activity Management ->Sales Territory Management, then select the corresponding checkbox.

Now setup the territory hierarchy from Business Configuration ->Implementation Projects->Open Activity List.

Fine-Tune Sales Territory Hierarchy Level.

Following example hierarchy can be maintained as part of territory setup:

Root Territory




Pin code                       

Setup Territory Team

For delegating the responsibility of account, territory team required to be defined. Assignment of Employee responsible is a mandatory for setting up the territory.

Territory Data Source

Administrator can design reports view to create and edit your own reports to suit your business requirements and processes. Data from key figures and characteristics in a data source or a key figure group serves as the basis for your reports. Following are the data-sources available


Data Source





Territory Master Data

Provides territory master data, including the territory name and ID, hierarchy level and parent territory. Territory hierarchy is enabled.



Territory Account Mapping

Provides territory and account mapping, including account name and ID, and territory name and ID.



Territory Team

Provides information about territory team members, including team member ID, role and name.

Setup Authorization for Territory

User authorization can also be controlled base on territories. SAP has provided the option to restrict authorization by territory where it can be control to give only display access or write access.

Upload Territory

Uploading the existing territory in cloud for customer from legacy system or SAP ECC\ SAP CRM is possible. SAP has provided the standard template that you required to download it into local machine and fill the territory information like:

  • External ID (up to six character)
  • Territory Name
  • Parent Territory ID
  • Owner Employee ID

Setting up C4C Rules

For sales territory assignment, it is required to create the rules so responsibility should be delegated based on rule setup.  While creating the rule assign the appropriate territory based on territory hierarchy and process.  For manual assignment of territory , in Account details, action button has the functionality to derive the territory. Based on the rule setup, system will derive the territory and sales team will be assign appropriately.

Setting up the rule is possible under realignment run using Silverlight mode.

Realignment Run

  It is important to create the rule for the automatic delegating the responsibility of accounts to assign the territory team. Realignment run is kind of background job which can be schedule accordingly. When you upload the accounts then schedule the realignment run to set-up the sales territory based on the rule set-up in the Cloud for customer.

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