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About this document:

Recently we used the Cloud Data Source to upload sales information from ERP for analytic purposes. This guide includes the key configuration required in C4C, NW PI, and ERP.  This guide assumes you know NW PI.  It provides screenshots of all the major steps


Step 1 : Design the Cloud data source for "ZTEST01"

Step 2 : Download the WSDL

  1. Administrator -->  Communication Arrangement --> Select the scenario.

    B. EDIT -->  Technical Data --> Edit Advance Settings

Step 3. Generate Interface for the Analytics Upload :

  1. Upload the Analytic WSDL of step 2 in PI ESR.

    2. Create the Data Type, Message Type, and Service Interface for the ERP ABAP proxy.

         This is a synchronous ABAP proxy.

Data Type Request :

Data Type Response:

Message Type Request:

Message Type Response:


Service Interface : Proxy is generated over this Interface : OS_ERPInfocube_Request


  1. Operation Mapping :

XSLT mapping which will convert the xml to csv format accepted by cloud

Integration Scenario

Step 4 : Generate

ABAP Proxy


Step 5: Build ABAP report to send the data to C4C

Call to ABAP proxy in report

Test the scenario via ABAP report

Execute the report that will make a call to ABAP Proxy and response message from C4C back will be sent to the ERP system.


Request Message sent via SOAP to the C4C:

Response Message from the C4C:

SOAP UI Integration

I have used SOAP UI tool as well to test the integration to check, if I can upload the data using web service.

  1. Download Analytics WSDL from the C4C.
  2. Create project and upload the WSDL.
  3. Upload the client certificate of C4C in SOAP UI.
  4. Test the scenario