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When we released CBM 1.0, the next 2.0 version was not far away. Finally, we are proud to announce to you CBM 2.0.

In the 1.0 version, we focused mainly on developers' needs. This time we extended our efforts to content managers enabling them to transfer bulks of files via the module on the operating website. A new migration allows moving media files from one cloud server to another in the hot server mode. 

By clicking three buttons, media files move from one storage to another, freeing up the server space. At the same time, the website keeps operating without reloading; users continue choosing the goods and sales going up.

Starting a new website, developers can come to the server and use media files in real-time instead of routinely switching off the website, downloading data, transferring, deploying, launching, and then only using files for the purpose. You can transfer the data to your local environment automatically without loss of use. Files keep storing on the website; you got one ref link replaced by another one. In a matter of seconds. 

We offer a user-friendly interface to facilitate the media files migration and save people from routine out-of-the-box settings. In this case, we allow performing tasks on production that don't break production performance. 

Advantages for business:

  • for example, you can keep media files of the category "Consumer goods" on Amazon and "Accessories" on Dropbox accounts for better server storage optimization. Such rational distribution can optimize the cost for cloud storages a company uses and achieve business continuity;

  • your clients can store media files on the available Amazon or Dropbox accounts and use the module to transfer data for development needs in real-time anytime that is especially nice to use on the stage;

  • developers can move temporary media files collections as a sufficient source of cluttering from server A to server B quickly.

The CBM module takes routine work off the plate of a really creative development process. In turn, the efficient use of storage space for media files helps businesses optimize spendings distributing data among storage service providers. 

The CBM for SAP® Commerce module aims to advance storage resources filled with media files that occupy 90% of storage space. The module automates routine tasks, which is of utter importance in the new normal. We are going to add some more cloud storage in the next version to broaden the range of business opportunities. 

Peers, we would be happy if we did something right to save your precious time in favor of your big projects' creative development process. As usual, for more details, head over to our blog. Back to work.
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