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We at Aimprosoft have been integrating SAP Commerce Cloud (Hybris) to midsize and large size businesses for over 5 years. Whenever we need to migrate data for backup, it delays the process. We are developers. We devote our efforts to accelerate business. This time we decided to please our peers besides reducing delivery time for several hours.

In Commerce CBM (Commerce Cloud Backup and Migration) we improved the approach of data backup and management compared to the standard OOTB approach in SAP Commerce Cloud. We tried to make routine data Import/Export between remote and local storage more convenient. 

With SAP Commerce Cloud Backup and Migration extension, you can:

  • create automated data backups with all media content in the SAP Commerce Cloud 1808/1811 (on B2C Accelerator);

  • store and restore backups (ImpEx, CSV, media files) in one zip archive;

  • work with Amazon S3 and Dropbox cloud storage with an unlimited number of previously created storage accounts; 

  • apply the created backups on any server;

  • share stored backup copies of the whole website or its parts with distributed development teams.

When two and over developers work under the project, they get in the way each other no longer. Each can backup or restore files independently. You can quickly access the latest website content components, and modifications resulted from backup migration from one server to another.

There was an issue with a lack of standard connection between Dropbox and SAP Commerce Cloud. So we solved this in CBM bringing relief developers. Also, you can connect to the unlimited saved, and active Amazon S3 Storage accounts with CBM. 

We are going to extend the list of cloud storage in the next versions with the most demanded in our craft.

From the business value perspective, the CBM is aimed at the technical expansion of the SAP Commerce line of solutions for B2B and B2C needs where different cloud servers for managing backups and remote storage of media objects take place.

Also, the CBM module allows content managers to save time for manual copying of data, which reduces the cost of running a business.  

And then, we decided if we're going to do it, we might as well do it right. So guys developed a highly intuitive perspective for the back office with a neat UI because we wanted to make the module human-oriented and beautiful.

I am proud to announce the release of the module and share it available free of charge.

SAP Commerce Cloud is excellent. All of us appreciate their business opportunities. We live in the epoch of boundless sharing and community support when every one of us can contribute to technological development. Our team will appreciate any of your feedback. Please, follow for more details here.