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Hello Everyone,

In this blog, I want to share my experience around post server refresh activities specific to C4C integration with SAP ECC system.

This is purely a technical blog, however it may come handy to Customers/Partners/Consultants who plan to or have already integrated their SAP ECC systems to C4C aka Cloud for Customer using HCI as middleware.

In a general, SAP landscape where there is Dev -> QA -> Prod. systems connected, as part of server maintenance activities, Customers might perform server refresh activities on Productive systems. What this means essentially in a C4C - ECC integrated scenarios is that the Integrationrelated settings/configuration maintained on SAP ECC QA system would get refreshed post this activity, which would overwrite the configuration/settings on SAP QA system.

As part of best practices, following would be the key steps to restore the integration on SAP ECC QA system:

1. Check the STRUST  TCODE for SSL client standard PSE with required certificates added to the certificate list:

2.Check for HTTPS parameter in RZ10 instance profile:

If it does not exist, add the parameter in RZ10 instance profile and restart the system (one time activity).

3. Check in SMICM port information for HTTPS service, it should be active.


5. Give the target host iflmapg************** and 'S user id' with password and select Default SSl Client standard.

6. Select all the relevant IDOC Message types per the original scope of integration:

7. Now execute this report. It will create the distribution model and partner profiles:

8. Check the Logon & Security tab & populate the correct S-User Id details:

9. Finally, do the connection test, it give a message as shown below:

The above steps will ensure that the Integration related configuration/settings which might get over post Production Server refresh is restored back to its its original state.

I hope this blog comes useful to all the  C4C Customers/Partners/Consultants & the ones who plan to integrate C4C with SAP OnPremise system.

Comments/feedback are welcome!




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