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Intelligent Case Manager on Service Cloud V2 provides a flexible framework for adapting service processes to customer-specific requirements. With ML, you can access information at the tip of your fingers. As a result of this powerful combination, service centers are able to increase efficiency and flexibility during the service process.

Introduction to Intelligent Case Management

The Service Agent needed a relevant amount of process knowledge to guide the Customer efficiently to a resolution.With the new dynamic case management, the agent is guided through the process of resolving the issue.

Dynamic case management and case modelling ensure faster time to resolution, increased visibility, and greater accountability. Service agents are guided step-by-step through flexible case-based service processes by Intelligent Case Manager, resulting in greater productivity and efficiency. Information such as time since the case was created or actions taken by processors are captured. Product and warranty information is associated with the system, while a guided experience is provided to case processors. The latter is described below, because it allows a process to be designed based on a business' specific process needs.

The case designer provides multiple configuration options and allows companies to adapt Case Management in the best possible way to their specific business needs. Including extensibility with Low Code/No Code solutions like AppGyver as well as the integration with Microservices implemented with cloud native principles leveraging Kubernates (K8S).

Case Manager in action

In the following you will see the generation and processing of a case by a case manager and how the case manager gets guided through the process, facilitating that the end user collects and documents all necessary details for determining the solution to resolve the customer’s inquiry.

This sample case is configured with the aim to guide the case processor efficiently from information gathering, over troubleshooting to resolution while supporting in each of the phases with adequate activities:

  1. Information gathering

    1. Collect Customer data

    2. Capture Issue details

    3. Add Product details

    4. Identify Severity

  2. Troubleshooting

    1. Search for Articles

    2. Check Similar Cases

    3. Collaborate with Experts

  3. Resolution

    1. Add Solution details

    2. Complete and Classify

In this sample case it starts with the phase information gathering and the initial activity to collect customer data.

Once the processor has completed the collection of this data the activity can be marked as done.

The final job can be marked as complete to end the information collection phase and begin the troubleshooting phase once the user has determined the priority.

The knowledge search is immediately launched as soon as the case processor has entered search terms.

Built-in collaboration features supports efficient collaboration in real time. The case processor starts wrap-up of the case in the resolution phase.

Additional Features

1.KB Search


2.Copy feature: facilitating the end user to paste the URL article directly into the case.

3.Email :The email tool allows you to embed the URL of an article right into emails sent from the case.



5.ML Scenario


6.Summary view


Conclusion : Intelligent Case Manager on Service Cloud V2 overview
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