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Hello Developers!!!

I hope you're doing well.

This blog is all about the Inbound services getting Cancelled automatically in C4C, especially on the updation of a record from the source system.

Below is a sample screenshot of how the issue looks like from the WSMM.

Screenshot of WSMM with Canceled Messages


One of the main reasons for the Services getting cancelled automatically is due to the field <SenderSequenceNumberValue>.

As per the standard process, the value sent in this field should be greater than the one sent earlier. In case the number is not greater than the previous one; the web service request will be automatically cancelled by the C4C System.

Usually, the <SenderSequenceNumberValue> field will be a Date field or else it will be an integer field that will draw the latest number while triggering the outbound service from the source system/middleware.

In below payload reference, you will be able to view the number generated/sent to the C4C system:
<BusinessPartner actionCode="04" addressInformationListCompleteTransmissionIndicator="true" commonListCompleteTransmissionIndicator="true" roleListCompleteTransmissionIndicator="true" taxNumberListCompleteTransmissionIndicator="true">


In the above sample payload, the value is in Date format (refer to SC2). Therefore, whenever an update is sent to the system it will contain a number greater than the previous number as the system will send the current date and timestamp in the service.

The number is divided in date format (SC2)




Here our issue was in middleware as the value was hardcoded in CPI.

I asked the middleware consultant to pass the "Current Date & Time" in the field using a function & then the Issue was resolved. Thereafter, the messages were falling into the successful queue.

So, whenever you face such issues always have a look at the mapping as well as what value is being passed from the external system to C4C.

Successful Screenshot of WSMM


Hope you enjoyed the blog. We have a lot more coming, so do like and follow for more such content.

Bye bye!! 🙂

Ananthu R Biju

Senior C4C Consultant