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Today, I finally cleared my second C4C related certification (C_C4C30_2015 - SAP Certified Development Consultant - SAP Cloud for Customer). And for sure, in the following months, I will start preparing C4C50 (Integration) in order to complete the C4C trillogy!

The aim of this blog is to answer some questions that could be on others mind willing to get C4C30 certification so hope it helps

Administrative steps

For understanding how to sign up to Certification Hub and getting a certification appointment, I would strongly recommend to go through ginger.gatling blog where she explains everything on a great way: C4C Certification

Getting prepared

So, for getting prepared I have been reading and studying from different sources. Most of them are detailed on my other blog SAP Cloud for Customer (C4C) - My first experience although the main one was C4C30 handbook through Learning Hub (LH). On my previous C4C certification, I complained about LH as I felt it quite uncomfortable, however, they have improved their mobile application so now I can have the handbooks offline on my tablet and work over studying material even when I am not with Internet. Yet, there are still things missing to be improved such as being able to rotate tablet screen... I trust this will happen soon! Anyway, going back to our main topic, I have read the handbook twice. In addition to this, I have gone through the Exercises handbook (one for doing every single exercise and the other just to refresh processes and tasks). I already had hands-on experience so that was really a plus. However, not on all the topics. The topics I found more complex during the exam, where those that I had never used on my projects so, my first big advice would be to focus on those topics that you have less experience. This sounds as a simple and obvious advice but, sometimes, we do not focus on this way.

Sensations during certification exam

I entered to the exam being very confident with my knowledge and it did not happen the same thing that has happened to me every time I got certified; this time I found questions easily written and extremely clear so I only took 80 minutes to finish the exam! This was a really nice surprise for me.

The process I followed was the same I always did, give a first quick round answering as much as possible questions and, for those I was not sure, try to eliminate some of the options and marked it as ToBeReviewed. Once I finished with the first round, I went through all the questions again; those which where not marked I just went through them in order to check them for the last time and forget about them and those that where marked, I tried to clarify and answer them. It also happened to me that, based on reading all the questions, I got clarification for some doubts I had on other questions; this is another reason why I strongly suggest others to give a complete first round. This second round took me around 20 minutes. I still had plenty of time left but I only had doubts on 6 questions which I had no clue so I decided to submit my exam. And there is when extreme happiness started!

There was only one specific topic related to Embedded Components that I couldn't remember to have read it nor practiced it which appeared on 2 questions.

For summarizing, I would propose to give a first quick round trying to answer all the "easy" questions (those topics that each of you finds it easier) in order to reduce the unanswered questions. Second round should be to re-check those answered and to clarify those where you are not clear. Third round should be for finish answering remaining questions. This is the method I have used in all my certifications and that, up to now, it has provided good results to me.

Comparison against C4C10 certification experience

In case you are also interested on my C4C experience, feel free to read it: C4C10 certification - My experience!.

Although I have more C4C functional and integration experience rather than technical, I found this certification test easier than the other; I studied the same amount of hours but I think the clue was the way questions were written. Also, I didn't felt there were so many tricky answers as it happened to me when sitting for the C4C10.

For those who are preparing themselves for getting C4C certified, feel free to post questions on this blog so we can share comments and, for sure, all the best!!!

Good luck!!!