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For the Intelligent Sales add-on, C4C Release 2111 includes several new functionalities. One of them is the recommendation view for customers. Pre-built, real-time insights based on machine learning identify growth opportunities and potential challenges with customers. This helps sales teams increase productivity and operate more successfully in the digital sales age.

This is new feature from C4C which comes along with Intelligent Sales Add-On (Customer Insights)

Customer Insights provides you with a curated set of insights, assisting you to identify how and where you must invest your time.


Core Capabilities

Customer Insights uses the following configurable scores and embedded AI to categorize and recommend accounts to the sales team.

  • Customer Relationship Indexscores the most important accounts in the system including opportunities for business growth

  • Customer Health Indexscores the accounts in the system while uncovering potential challenges from a sales perspective.

  • Signal Indexscores the most important signals received in the system

Key Capabilities and Business Benefits

  • Customer Insights provides you with a curated set of insights, assisting you to identify how and where you must invest your time.

  • With real-time insights on your respective accounts, you can make better-informed decisions throughout the sales cycle.

  • Customer Insights enables next generation sales processes, supports business growth and new revenue streams, and protects and develops existing customers by targeting new markets.

  • The service taps seamlessly into data from SAP Cloud for Customer, SAP S/4HANA, Commerce Cloud , and other third party applications and data sources.


  • SAP Cloud for Customer

  • S4

  • Commerce

  • SCPI

Scope and Configure Intelligent Sales Execution

Administrators can configure Intelligent Sales Execution using scoping and fine-tuning activities

Administrators must first add Intelligent Sales Execution to the project scope, and then activate it for users at the business role level.


  1. Go to Business ConfigurationImplementation Projects.

  2. Select your project, navigate to Edit Project Scope Questions  Communication and Information Exchange  Integration with External Applications and Solutions  Integration Scenarios with Cloud Solutions from SAP, and then check the Do you want to use Intelligent Sales Execution in your cloud solution? scoping question.

  3. Review your project scope, and click Finish.

  4. Go to AdministratorGeneral Settings  Business Roles and edit applicable business roles.

  5. Under Work Center and View Assignments, navigate to Intelligent Sales Execution(ID: COD_ISE_WCF) and enable work center views by role.

  6. Save your entries.


  1. Login to C4C

  2. Goto Customersà Accounts. Please click on bulb icon.

     3.Its Opens the below screen

  • Growth Opportunities: Opportunities where you have a potential to grow your business. The score on the carousel is obtained from the Customer Relationship Index.

  • Potential Challenges: Opportunities where you must take immediate action to prevent the risk of losing the opportunity. The score on the carousel is obtained from the Customer Health Index.

  • NewsFeed: Your customers' latest engagements with the company’s webshop such as product views, categories, abandoned shopping carts, etc. This is powered by SAP Commerce Cloud. The score on the carousel is obtained from the Signal Index.

4.When we click in tile it navigates to Customer Insights tab in Account

  • Contact: Primary and secondary contacts of the account. The scores on the contacts are obtained from the Relationship Summary of the respective contact. For more information, see Intelligent Sales Add-On for Sales Cloud.

  • Highlights: Summary of activities such as webshop product view, categories, abandoned shopping cart, and so on. You can also create a lead, opportunity, sales quote, appointment, task, visit, and schedule a call from the Insights section.

Key Metrics:it had below

Key Metrics Data Source
Active Leads SAP Sales Cloud: Leads
Active Opportunities SAP Sales Cloud: Opportunities
Sales Quotes SAP Sales Cloud: Sales Quotes
Strength of the relationship with an account Machine Learning in SAP Cloud for Customer
Sales orders of an account SAP Sales Cloud: Sales Orders
Invoices SAP S/4 HANA Invoicing
Credit Limit SAP S/4 HANA Credit Limit
Sales Contracts SAP S/4 HANA Sales Contract Management or SAP Sales Cloud

You can choose the key metrics that you need on the Customer Insights page. For more information, see Configure Key Metrics. Clicking on any of the metrics will open the corresponding workcenter views.

  • Engagement Timeline: Customer's interaction in the order of their occurrence

You can filter the items in the timeline based on the interaction type, object type, or the time of occurrence.

As a sales representative, you are interested to identify risks and opportunities for growing your business. If an invoice has not been paid, you may want to verify the reason for missing the payment before the next meeting with the customer. Similarly, if the customer has recently raised several tickets, you may want to collaborate with the customer support colleagues to understand the issue and provide a quick resolution before the upcoming sales contract renewal meeting


Conclusion : Just want to show the new feature- of c4c (Sales Add-On for SAP Sales Cloud (Customer Insights))