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Errors: C/4 Hana Employee Reprocessing from Employee Master data replication staging area.

Introduction on how to reprocess different types of Employee Reprocessing errors:

Whenever the Employees are replicated from ECC to C4C some of the employees were stuck at "Employee Master data replication" under Administrator tab in C4C. These errors has to be analyzed and need to perform reprocess accordingly.

Below are some of the Employee error types where we can see how to resolve and reprocess the Employee records from staging area in to C4C.


Login with the below link in to C4C production.

Administrator>Data Integration> Employee Master data replication

Error Type I:

The below errors need to be find out from the total records >Select all the error records which are related to below> click on Mark as Irrelevant.

  1. Employee XXXX is assigned to Org Unit XXXXXXXX from DD.MM.YYYY to DD.MM.YYYY Emp: XXXXXXX

Mark the record as “Irrelavant” when there is conflict between start and end dates of two line items for that Employee record.

Error Type II:

Error: “Business Partner for this employee exist without any Role”.



For the Error type II: Go to Adminstratot>ID Mapping for integreation>Edit ID mapping for integration as per below screen shots.

Now change Mapping of filed value to “Business partners”.

Give system instance ID

Now give Employee ID  as per below screen and click on GO.

Now remove the external ID and save the data.

Now reprocess the Employee record from staging area.

Error Type III:

Error: Remote org unit O XXXXXXXX with definition Functional Unit from XXX not yet replicated

Steps to resolve the issue:

  1. Go to SE38 of source system (CRM)and run the program with Initial or delta load and run the program CRMPCD_ORG_UNIT_EXTRACT.

  2. Go to C4C>Administrator>Data Integration>Organizational structure replication.

  3. Select the required org unit and click on schedule.

  4. The org unit will get processed successfully.

Error Type IV:

  1. Modifying object not possible; hierarchy below Org Unit XXXXXXXX locked by SAP_SYSTEM (SAP_SYSTEM).

  2. Locking object not possible; object locked by SAP_SYSTEM (SAP_SYSTEM).

Steps to resolve the issue:

Select the error record and click on Edit.

Now click on “Replicate”.

Now you will see a message stating that “Your entries have been saved” and close the application by clicking on Close icon. If the record is not processed, then system will throw error for such kind of records mark them as “Irrelevant”.


Follow the above steps based on the different type of error that perceived in the system and reprocess accordingly so that the Employee records will successfully replicated from ECC to C4C.

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