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I had already published this blog , for a book review on Pricing. So why did I buy this book ? Actually the other book was very good introductory material for a noob like me but I wanted to dive deep into pricing perhaps wanted another book. After lots of googling came across this book. Getting it in India was a nightmare. Ultimately I had to buy it from Amazon US and got it shipped through a friend. In the last 20 days that it has been with me , I am highly impressed with the content. I would go on and say that the author has slam dumked the topic, If you want a book to ramp up on pricing please use this book. This book is written in this format - this is the concept and this way it should used. Doesn't every make you feel that pricing is a complex topic and introduces a concept backs it with very relevant example. Its written in such a way that if you have basic knowledge you would appreciate the content. The book has very extensive coverage of pricing and would cover each and every thing you would need to configure pricing as functional consultant. The flip side is that the book doesn't have much information for technical consultants. But then I am not complaining as I can find that material in plenty.

There are only five chapters and there are lots of sub topic in the chapters. The book is logically divided into 5 chapters

  • The Condition Technique
  • Condition Record Maintenance -> Very good chapter for functional consultants or business users who actually create condition records for condition type.
  • Pricing on Documents -> Covers documents based pricing such as optimizing the pricing in sales documents , repricing of sales documents , condition exclusion , condition update , scale pricing in sales conditions , groups conditions etc. Trust me this would clear many doubts you might have and also would be very useful consultants who implement & support pricing in both ECC SD & CRM.
  • Special Process Using the Pricing Conditions Technique -> Covers Free Goods , Rebates , promotions and sales deals. Another good chapter which is not widely written but used.
  • Custom Modifications in Pricing -> Technical Details on how to extend pricing using custom coding.

My verdict is that book is very good for functional consultants and especially helpful for CRM consultants if you are working in an environment where pricing is configured in SAP SD and downloaded to CRM through Middleware.Though it doesn't cover anything related to SAP CRM  & CRM middleware yet all the pricing artifacts are explained beautifully.   It provides a very introductory and advanced knowledge base in pricing. Also if you are techno-functional consultant looking to scale up in functional area you would be please to read this but if you want more technical info you may be tad disappointed.