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In my last blog I had explained the auto suggest features of multilevel categorization with triggers document checklist and its knowledge article integration in the service request transaction. I had also explained by entering a product in the reference object field at the header level the categorization fields get populated automatically.

Auto Suggest Features-Multilevel Categorization Part I

In my current and last blog on auto suggest features in multilevel categorization. I would be explaining how a combination of an incoming e-mail and multilevel categorization fields can be used to trigger auto response emails.

1) Multilevel Categorization Integration with Auto Response E-mail using ERMS.

The prerequisite to implement this functionality is that ERMS should be implemented in the system. While ERMS helps to automate the incoming e-mail volume it also offers various functionalities which help to increase efficiency of the business as per the sap help document given below. One of the functionalities which I would be explaining in my current blog is the auto response feature which integrates with the category modeler.

E-Mail Response Management System - SAP Library

Design Considerations.

1a) A mail form needs to be created in the system. Mail forms are pre-defined e-mail templates which contain pre written messages, for detailed information about the mail form refer to the link below. Mail form creation can be done from the marketing role and ensure that the attribute content selected is for e-mail response management  as per the below 2 screen shots.

Introduction to Mail Form in the Interaction Center

1b) The mail form which is created above should be be saved. The mail form can then be integrated with the e-mail functionality with the help of the insert tab.Ensure that the from recipient is maintained as per the below screen shot.

1c) The mail form created needs to be assigned to the category modeler in the assignment block standard responses as per the screen shot below.

1d) In the application area of the category modeler  the application id should contain the Rule Modeler containing the value email response management system as explained  below.

1e) The rule policy needs to be created in the system. If the below error appears when creating the rule policy when entering the value for the interaction record implement SAP Note 1972999 using snote functionality. In the rule policy created the outgoing e-mail address should also be maintained in actions. The rule policy needs to be assigned to the service manager profile created in base customization.

1f) For the auto response e-mail to trigger automatically trex parameters need to be maintained. The base customization is done in transaction code crmc_erms_cat_appl where the RFC destination needs to be maintained as explained below.

1g) I compose the outgoing e-mail which mentions my issue in detail. However the auto response e-mail does not get triggered. :sad:

1h) When the incoming e-mail is received, the system will try to parse the content of the incoming e-mail and would try to find a category which match the words most hence in the search query application area for the respective category, the entry needs to be maintained as shown below.

1i) Before saving the category modeler ensure that the reset content analysis is clicked in the application area as shown below.

1j) Post performing the above two configurations in the category modeler, the auto response e-mail gets triggered automatically :smile:

Kind Regards