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When an administrator tries to execute the report via Work Center Business Analytics, opening the view Design Report, he is not able to see the expected results. Below I have taken the example where Administrator user tries to access the Report- Accounts with Open Opportunities.


When a report is executed, the data which is displayed is not the expected real time data but only the generated test data. Please refer the below screenshot.


Reports in Cloud for Customer (C4C) are set not to show the real time data. So to enable them to show the real time values, perform below steps:

1.     Hover Work Center Business Configuration.

2.     Choose View Implementation Project.

3.     Click on button Open Activity List.

4.     Go to Fine Tune Activity and search for Administrator Analytics – Settings and open it.

5.     In the view which opens up, select the radio button under DATA SHOWN TO KEY USER. Please refer the below           screenshot.

6.     Click on Save and Close to complete the configurations.

Now once this setting is changed, open the report to check the difference. You will now able to see the real time data from the system. Please refer the below screenshot.