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When call comes in to agent through IVR then only queue number is displayed in tray popup. Here is the guide how to enable also queue name in popup window.


First of all CDT shows queue name in the tray popup only if the FirstBNumber of the call is a queue number. When call comes in to IVR then FirstBNumber is an IVR number and queue name is not displayed.

Secondly there is no configuration option for tray popup in System Configurator nor in CDT.


Easiest way to get queue name into tray popup is to use an IVR variable. You can name it as you like here as "setfirstb". Add initial value expression and here you can give a function as an expression self.CALL.SetExtraData("FirstBNumber", <value>)

This solution was offered to me by Ville Salkala.



Second, more complicated, way would be using customized python file.Customizer can be used to manipulate call's extra data: FirstBNumber and FirstBName information.


Attached is customizer file that you can take into use to create your IVR which changes FirstBNumber value according to which queue client was forwarded to.


Here is explanation of the methods that are used in customizer:


This methods returns name of the given queue, using the given language.

If no language parameter is given, or no results are found with the given language, then system default language is used.


Parameters: GUID - GUID of the queue number -

extension number of the queue

language - language code for the queue name query

default - default value to be returned if no name is found



This method sets <FirstBName>/<FirstBNumber> values in call extra data.

Parameters: number - value to be set as the <FirstBNumber>

name - value to be set as the <FirstBName>



<params> is a dictionary containing the parameters passed in from

the application, plus a reference to the application's state

machine, available with key "SM".


Madis Malv


This document was generated from the following discussion: BCM IVR and tray popup information?

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