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Working from home with SAP

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Hello everybody!


It's been exactly 2 months of working from home.

My daily job hasn't been affected a lot: I continue doing my virtual courses, connecting via remote screen to SAP and almost the same.


- I work with more freedom.

- I rest whatever I want.

- I avoid commuting.



- Sometimes I am more exhausted.

- Despite resting whatever I want, I rest less.


Here is my laptop

Here is my 'workplace'


I hope working from home will be the 'new normal' soon. What is your opinion?

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Hi All.

Working from home is normal, but too many phone and meeting call's. this is right time to do the upgrades, we have completed the major upgrades in the month of April.



Community Advocate
Community Advocate
Hi Isabel, Thanks for sharing. Wow, already 2 month... I am also used to work from home at least 2 days the week, and I agree with you, I am also more flexible. But although I save 4 hours the week driving to the office, I feel like I am more busy as usual. I still didn't figure out why... maybe it's more meetings now or even more work load? However, I try to keep my working time as much as possible and spend also time with my children and of course, continuing my sports 😉

And congratulations on your major upgrades s.sriram !

All the best, everyone, stay healthy!


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svea.becker we are not used to working from home here, in Spain.

It is curious how a virus spread can change all the business, and even the economy. We have to change our minds too.

I save on transport, which means a relatively high amount per month. Others could see different inconvenients.


More pics to come 🙂

Community Manager
Community Manager
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Isabel, it wasn't until you wrote it here under disadvantages that I realized I feel some of the same things:

– Sometimes I am more exhausted.

– Despite resting whatever I want, I rest less.

I think it may be because our brains (or at least mine) are on overload between WFH and trying to stay safe and healthy and worrying about our loved ones who do not live with us (or even the ones who do if they cannot work from home, as my husband cannot for example).