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Traveling during the Pandemic

Hi Community,

Here in Brazil, we will celebrate Father's Day this Sunday, Aug, 9th (every 2nd Sunday of August).

My wife, my son, my dog and I decided to travel 400 km to celebrate this Father's Day with my in-laws family. No worries, all people safe and sound, using the safety measures defined by WHO and local authorities. So, Friday evening, 400 km traveled in almost 5 hours. A lot of traffic in the road, it didn't feel like a pandemic is all around.

Today, a sunny Saturday in Ijuí, I was working. Home office have these advantages: I can be at the office in a VPN split of time. 🙂

After my shift, I look at the list of Customer incidents I have worked. More than recognizing Customer names, I payed attention to the countries for every single incident.

Then I pictured the world map:

World Map

Then I painted (sorry, I am not an Artist) the countries from where I had worked an incident:

Traveled (virtually) through 16 Countries!

Even though I took 5 hours driving inside my home State to travel 400 kilometers, working roughly 8 hours, I could travel around the globe - virtually, of course - 56,000 kilometers! Always taking the short distance between countries: Brazil, Colombia, United States, United Kingdom, Norway, Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Slovakia, India, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, then back to Brazil.

Quite a distance!

While I was thinking about sharing my weekend travels, I closed my eyes and started to wonder how people are living in that countries during the pandemic, before the pandemic. I also thought about the languages, the history, the culture - and a certainty knocked my head: how little or no knowledge I have about these countries! I am lucky to have some time to read about them, but far from knowing a lot, far from visiting all of them personally.

And what about you? Do you have plans to travel (even virtually)? Maybe after the worst of this pandemic passes?

Stay safe. Andrà tutto bene! (Now I visit Italy in my thoughts and prayers).

All the best,


Community Advocate
Community Advocate
Nice seeing it from that perspective, I like that. I remember that I told my family before I joined a virtual event in Australia that "I travel to Melbourne now" 😉

I think it's quite amazing how connected we are now in these times and I know this was always possible but it feels different since we are all in the same position (okay, almost same position depending on the situation in the region). It feels that we are now more connected, I would even name it bonded! Although we have almost no knowledge about these countries I think the talks have become more personal than ever and I would say, I understand the situations in some regions better than ever before.

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