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Sky Watcher?

Community Manager
Community Manager

I figure I won't be alone in here, I'm sure there are more who did S.E.T.I. and things like that over the years - maybe even still do. 

Are you a sky watcher? Night Sky fan? I was just looking at what there is to see this month considering I missed the moon last night due to cloudy skies. Anyone else a fan or have other resources they like to use for this?


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I didn't know about this - interesting!

I always look for the moon every morning on my early morning walks.  I recall the Navajos had a lot of spiritual beliefs about the moon.  I count on the moonlight to see better on the walks.

So many cultures were influenced by the moon. There is a town in Colorado (two I think) that went through extra efforts to reduce light pollution so the sky was even more visible. Just saw a video on it.


Love the stars and night sky.  That is one of the many reasons I support the International Dark Sky Organization.  Less lighting at night is important for a lot reasons.  Kudos to the towns in your video!

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I've been thinking about how I might get someone in my own town to watch that video and take steps to achieve the same.

That would be cool.  Not sure I would even know how to begin to get the metro area I live In to do that.

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I'm in a smaller town and I'm not really sure either but I'm going to try.

Community Advocate
Community Advocate

My favorite time of the day is when the moon comes out and its different phases. I love when others say, did you see the moon? The moon is an amazing conversation piece!

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While I enjoy gazing at the moon, I'm a sunset person.  Especially over water.  I love the different colors and how the light changes with the clouds.  


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Find the right spot for it and couldn't agree more!

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That reminds me of my safari in South Africa - either at night or early in the morning - it always felt like you were closer to the sky in South Africa (no pictures by me, will try to dig some others up as well).

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Space nerd? Yes, I am. 

I also ran the CETI/SETI search program on my PC, with all those spare 50MHz cycles. Not sure whatever good that did. Carl Sagan is definitely a role model.

I have a copy of the National Geographics "star map", AKA "Heavens." This version was put out in 1970, which may be the one I had: . I benefited from Russia's Sputnik launch, where the US poured money into science education, research, and development (Star Trek not withstanding).

One ASUG/Sapphire conference coincided with a space shuttle launch, and I joined colleagues out on the Orlando convention center deck to try to glimpse. And I toured the space center with a couple techie buddies one conference year.

I occasionally compile and run POM.c (or potm.c) on a new machine to make sure it's got the right math libraries. Originally shared on Usenet, I believe.

* Phase of the Moon. Calculates the current phase of the moon.
* Based on routines from `Practical Astronomy with Your Calculator',
* by Duffett-Smith. Comments give the section from the book that
* particular piece of code was adapted from.
* -- Keith E. Brandt VIII 1984

The Moon is Full

The newspapers had astronomy columns, once upon a time. Now, not so much, but I did clip this.
Sky GazingSky Gazing 

I read once the best moon photos are not at full, but at half, as the shadows are more distinct.

Lastly, I'm an astronomy merit badge counselor. The youth typically know more than I do. But I was able to see the moons of Jupiter and the rings of Saturn with my telescope.

That is awesome! I actually took my first moon photo last night with my brand new Telescope.

Screenshot 2022-01-19 at 13.04.58.png

Need to work on staying focused on the object and of course on the camera work but was amazing to just stare at the thing for awhile.



Did You ever think about how comes that the moon is tide locked relative to earth? I know it has something to do with gravity and the masses involved. But this is as much superficial as flowers, bees and procreation.

Of course we could just search the internet for it, but that's not fun. Do we have enough brains to figure it out ourselves?

In space almost everything rotates, right? Something about initial speed, distraction by heavier/other objects and impulse preservation upon aggregation.

If we start simple, let's take a moment in the middle of the moon lifetime. Moon rotates around earth and moon rotates around itself. The chances that one rotation around itself correlates exactly with one roundtrip around the heavier rotation partner is close to zero. Remember: We are in a 3 dimensional world and all the possible factors involved. The moon is littered with impact craters. Each one played it's part. Of course everything regarding the masses involved.

With my limited knowledge I would guess: The moon's mass is not evenly distributed. It's mostly stone. Stone can have different density. And with that simply the heaviest part of the moon hangs down to earth. It had millions of cycles that this small effect altered the initial rotation around itself. Picturing throwing some floatable fruit into water. First it moves erratically. But in time remains in the same fixed position. Probably with the heaviest part downward.

Had a discussion about tide lock just recently. Mercury, for instance is not yet tide locked. But if you have a look how long a mercury day and a year is... Not much of a difference.


Keep on dreaming...

Interesting thought, feels like a plausible explanation (density, etc) might be beyond my current understandings though.

I've been working on refactoring an old python program and just trying to understand conversions of equatorial readings to AltAz readings and the sidereal motion of the planet itself is tough as it is.

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Anyone else chase eclipses? We journeyed to North Carolina and Tennessee for a total solar in 2017. My imagery was fair, not worth sharing, but the experience was unforgettable. One gentleman came prepared to put on a show for the crowd using minimalist gear such as a cardboard box. Incredible views, including visible sunspots.

Sun Projected During EclipseSun Projected During Eclipse

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In other news today:


$ ~/src/pom/pom.x64
The Moon is New



I am a fan of Sunrise, Sunset and the Night Sky. I have photos on my mobile and DSLR camera filled with them.

Recently could get a chance to click the moon through my new mobile phone which has a Supermoon mode ( good zoom nothing fancy ). Attaching the pic :


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Very nice!

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So which lens with your Rebel did you use for this?

Haha, This was from my Phone :). Just bought Vivo X70 Pro which has this Supermoon mode ! 😀

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Nice, mine was my phone as well. I do have a new app supposed to be great for night sky shots so once I actually get clear night skies again I will give it a try.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Tonight‘s attempt




and despite high winds and waiting a very longtime for the clouds to clear I managed to get a full moon pic.




This was 2 nights ago I think, took me forever to try and get the new eyepiece camera focused and everything - and then the neighbours house actually got in the way before I could try more refining.

Wow! Looks like glowing!

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That could be me shaking as I tried to hold the phone still 😉

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It is very pretty.


... night sky fan ... yes! 
No just moon and stars ... also comets, aurora, milky way and other occasions ... here: Comet Neowise over Moritzburg Castle near Dresden



Any evening sky fans here..........Any evening sky fans here..........

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Brilliant colours!

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earlier I use to like watching night sky.

its really relaxing 😇