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Recap of my memorable SAP Community year 2019

Active Contributor
Here is my contribution to the Topic of the Month: SAP Community!

SAP Community 2019 personal recap
Attending and enjoying SAP TechEd in Barcelona in October
Pleasantly surprised to be asked to join the SAP Champions

Commenting on blog posts and responding to questions
Ongoing learning about about ABAP OO with the community's help
Meeting several of you face to face on various occasions always a special treat
Meeting myself (so to speak) at TechEd
Unit testing implemented for the first time thanks to your support
New and fascinating connections made within SAP Community
Insights gained by working through 6 developer tutorial missions
Talking about climate science to break climate silence at TechEd in Barcelona
Yearning - still - for my "Eureka moment" to happen about ABAP OO

2 Fireside chats at TechEd in Barcelona (one of which got recorded)
0 reasons for me not to be actively involved in the community
13 blog posts published during the year
900+ notifications in my community inbox as of this writing

Pleased that some of my blog posts made the (bi-)monthly featured list
Eighteen colorful badges added to my collection
Reading many interesting blog posts throughout the year
Sixteen questions asked and thankful for the answers received
Offering a SAP Community call about "Taking on fake news about climate science"
Networking with others always a fun thing to do
ABAP CodeRetreat Hohenlohe as a new experience for me
Lending a helping hand as a standing offer

Random Surprises randomly awarded for community actions
Enjoying discussions in our virtual Coffee Corner
Creating blog posts as a means to order my thoughts and document "stuff"
Adding a lot of bookmarks to interesting blog posts for further reading
Planning to do my part to keep SAP Community going strong next year!

Thanks a lot for 2019 and looking forward to continuing our joint journey in 2020!


wow 8b889d0e8e6f4ed39f6c58e35664518f , you have aptly described everything. Short and conscise. Looking forward for more such interesting blogs and discussions in 2020.



Community Advocate
Community Advocate
Very nice wrap up 8b889d0e8e6f4ed39f6c58e35664518f

Thanks for sharing and I am looking forward to all your activities 2020.

All the best,


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Community Manager
Community Manager
What a fun, creative way to share your annual highlights, Bärbel. And I love that the missions and badges made your list!

what an Amazing way to express 2019.

Active Contributor
Wonderful Journey 8b889d0e8e6f4ed39f6c58e35664518f and loved the way you presented it..

Thanks for all your contribution to the community!!