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Coffee Corner Radio at Sapphire 2019

Former Member
Dear Listeners,

The Coffee Corner Radio Podcast is taking to the skies (well the hosts are at least) and jetting off to cover SAP Sapphire 2019 in Orlando, Florida.

The podcast "by the SAP community, for the SAP community" will be broadcasting daily from Sapphire capturing the voice of the community and the voices of the SAP Mentors attending the event.

Do you have something you'd like us to focus on? Is there someone you'd like us to interview? Will you be at Sapphire and would you like to be on the show? Let us know in the comments below and we will try our best to connect with you and cover whatever topics you'd like us to.

You might be asking yourself, how are they funding this trip? After all flying from Australia to Florida isn't cheap, hotels are pricey and even the cost of the entry ticket isn't insignificant... and we don't even do ads or have sponsors for the show... that's a good question and in the spirt of openness and transparency we think it's important that you know that SAP have invited us to come to cover the show and provide an alternative channel for the voice of the SAP Mentors. So while we will certainly be focussing on the Mentors and their perspectives we will also do our best to connect with the wider SAP Community too.

We are looking forward to this opportunity and hope you will find it to be a valuable perspective from Sapphire 2019.

Former Member & uxkjaer


UPDATE: Here are the shows we recorded at Sapphire 2019, many thanks to all our guest that joined the podcast, we hope you enjoy listening.

Episode Description Guests
Episode 16 - Pre Sapphire 2019 In this episode Jakob and I reflect on our first day at SAP Sapphire 2019 in Orlando Florida. We catch up with community members from SAP and the SAP Mentors who share their expectations for the upcoming Sapphire conference. Stay tuned for our daily updates. Enjoy!






Episode 17 - Day 1 Sapphire 2019 Day 1 from SAP Sapphire 2019. Listen to our chat with the SAP Mentors and community members Goran and Mohammed who we chatted to on the show floor. Stay tuned for Day 2 recap tomorrow. Enjoy!






Goran Westin
Episode 18 - Day 2 Sapphire 2019 Day 2 from SAP Sapphire 2019. Listen to our chat with the SAP Mentors and find out about all the action from Day 2. Stay tuned for our final episode from Sapphire tomorrow. Enjoy!

Clint Vosloo


Episode 19 - Day 3 Sapphire 2019 The final day from SAP Sapphire 2019. Listen to our chat with the SAP Mentors as well as a couple of interviews on the show floor as we wrap up from the event.








Community Manager
Community Manager
Excited to have you join us on site! Very much looking forward to it!

Active Participant
Will you be at Sapphire and would you like to be on the show?

Yes, I am going to be at Sapphire 2019 as a speaker.

I would like to be on the show. Please let me know how I could do that.

You can see a brief video I made about the session I am presenting at SAPPHIRE 2019.



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Thanks mohammed.alam

I will connect with you on Twitter and we can work something out.

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Thanks for including me in your Coffee Corner Radio at Sapphire 2019.