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24 Days of SAP Community – Door 20: My End-of-Year Thoughts and Why I Like This Time of Year

Community Manager
Community Manager

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I live in Israel so when most people start leaving for their holiday towards the end of December, I usually take this time to finish tasks clean my desk, reflect on the last year, and plan for next year.

At some point during the holiday when it becomes way too quiet (Imagine coming to work and don’t see any emails coming in 😊) I usually take a day or two off myself, for a small recharge.

In this blog post, I wanted to tell you about something I really like to do and one of the best December 25th ever!

One of my hobbies is sailing - I am sailing on small yachts that are 7 meters (23 feet) which don’t require a license only a course and some training. The size is important because waves and strong wind are more challenging on small boats.

This is how such a boat looks like:

                                                              Figure 1: 7 meters boat

So, the day in question was quite workwise as you can imagine so I took the day off and planned on going Sailing. 

It was 10:00 am at the marina the sea was flat, and it was a sunny day for the end of December we left the marina and went for 2 hours of sailing.

One thing anyone who sails will tell you he is addicted to is that perfect moment - there is this moment when you get out to the open sea using the motor aim the boat against the wind, raise the sails, and shut down the engine. That moment of quiet when the boat starts sailing with the wind is the essence of this hobby in my eyes and probably a lot of others who like to sail. (And most of them will do everything they can do to limit the time they use the motor as much as possible)

Once we started sailing with the great weather and the quiet, this was when I thought what a perfect way to enjoy the day and the end of the year and that I should share that experience with my colleagues overseas when they are back from their vacation.

Since then, this is my year-end plan every year!

Have an interesting hobby or special plans for the end of the year, please do share here in the comments.

Dedi Metser

Community Advocate
Community Advocate
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What a hobby! Fantastic, enjoy it Dedi !!!

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Thank you Katherine

Dedi Metser

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

That's awesome ! I love sailing too. Don't do it often though. I remember one time when we were on a sailing week-end with some friends. One of them was training to have a licence. The skipper let me pilot the boat for some time and it was exhilarating ! Feeling the tiller push into my hands and my slightest moves making the boat change direction was quite a powerful sensation ! 🙂 

Thank you @Lydie!
We have a saying "it's not where the wind takes you it is how you adjust the sails"

Dedi Metser