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want to move from .Net with 5 yr experience to SAP functional

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I need suggestion guys.I have 5 years of work experience.All in .Net as coder.But Now I have lost interested in coding and I am looking for SAP functional career.In my current company I can't move to SAP side.Can you please guide me how to start on this.


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Wow, you're in a tough spot. The easiest path for you into SAP would be as an ABAP developer, but since you've ruled out coding, then you are really behind the 8-ball. Normally, the first suggestion I have is to use the skills you have to move into SAP support at your current company if your current company runs SAP, but you've ruled that out as well.

I assume that your degree was in something technical and not functional. That means that you already have one serious strike against you if you want to try as a functional SAP consultant. You need to get some credentials on that front, which might mean going back to school.

There are many MBA programs that participate in the SAP University Alliance. I suggest you find one of those so that you get exposure during your MBA program. You should choose an MBA program which has a strong internship component. The personal connections you make during your internship would be key to you finding a full time SAP job when you're done.

Given your technical background, you might want to look into business analytics (also known as data warehousing or Big Data). If that looks interesting to you, then you should choose a program that has a strong intership program, belongs to SAP University Alliance, and has a strong Analytics program. This is going to take quite a lot of research on your part, but nothing is free.

More than anything, I suggest you put some hard thought into what makes you happy. You've already taken a path and found out that it's not what you want. Working all day, every day, at a job that doesn't make you happy can be miserable. Don't select your next path based on what you think will provide steady employment or a good paycheck. Coding can give you that and you've already experienced what a bad choice is like.

Spend some time and really try to find something that is interesting to you, about which you can be passionate. An MBA program that exposes you to a wide variety of disciplines might also help you find that passion.

What you should NOT do is pick an SAP functional specialty based on someone's idea of what's "hot" or what might be in demand tomorrow or 5 years down the road. These things change over time and over geography.  Do NOT quit your job and plunk down large amounts of cash on training/certification because someone tells you that all you need is certification to get a job in SAP. That's flat out not a true statement. If they promise you that they'll help you find a job afterwards, bear in mind that "helping" means they'll send a million copies of your resume to folks who already get a million resumes every day and your resume will not stand out in any way because you have not previous SAP experience. The institute will have fulfilled their part of the bargain; they will have "helped" you find a job, but you'll still be unemployed.

Hope this helps!

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