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Ecc will wind up ?

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Dear Experts

i have doubt as S4 HANA is covering market , ECC will wind up or it will be avaliable in the market , i am working as SAP consultant for FI/CO in ECC

wondering what should i do for further please advice me



Hi Hidyath

SAP ERP (ECC) is supported until 2025. However, S4HANA is the next "generation". If you have been in the market 15 years back (possibly longer), it's a similiar shift from when we went from R/3 (3.1x/4.6x) to ERP/ECC.

Your FICO skill is important. New customers are encouraged to go straight to S4HANA. Existing customers are encouraged to start planning their migration strategy or ways to move (can you introduce Fiori now and get used to new UI, etc). But this is a 10+ year pathway

I am yet to work on an S4HANA project and my background is security. I need a client that is upgrading or a project to be part of. It won't happen overnight. However, I am preparing by keeping up to date with the concepts and doing what training/self education that I can do. But for now, I have a lot of work and skills to still apply on current platforms