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An employment is considered best if it allows growth opportunities and work-life balance. SAP career provides both.

With a combination of certain Skills, Qualifications, and Experience, one can work with SAP, its Partners, or Customers, on different Roles and assignments, around the world, and can enjoy the rewards it has on offer. From short-term travelling to living for longer periods in foreign lands, isn't a dream when you think of SAP Career. As an SAP Consultant, you also can earn more than many other IT fields. The incentives are numerous, if you can address business challenges using SAP Solutions.

An SAP Consulting Career, provides you with an opportunity to

  • work with a number, and a variety, of clients, operating in different industries, and

  • as such let you learn valuable skills and build your professional profile.

When you pursue SAP Career, it's not just the IT that you learn; you also get to know how each of the Business Functions add value to a company's business, and how such business serves a complete industry.

In short, it's Earning or Learning, as an SAP Consultant, you can have both, a lot easier than it's in many other careers.

What else should you know before deciding if it's the right choice for you?

Well, you need to understand

  1. How SAP Solutions are implemented and used?

  2. What kind of SAP Work you may expect?

  3. What are some common types of SAP Employment?

  4. Which of the SAP Roles are widely available?

  5. What type of SAP Jobs could you have?

In this blog series - Understanding SAP Career, you'll get answers to all of the above, and subsequently to many other questions.

So stay tuned for the next entry!


Disclaimer: The above description is my personal opinion, and it's based on experiences I had in my professional life. The entry is part of a blog series I'm writing to answer SAP Career FAQs. Its purpose is to explain different aspects of the profession. The rewards mentioned here may vary depending on one's circumstances, therefore, it does not (in any sense) mean that it's the best choice for everyone pursuing such a career. Please do not base your decisions on the advice provided here (and for that matter at other places). No responsibility, whatsoever, is accepted by me or SAP Community volunteering to share their Personal Insights.