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Dear SCN community,

I would like to share with you my hobby project which helped me to keep in touch with new technologies outside of ABAP and is actually helpful for SAP community.

During my computer science studies, I was a web developer. After three years working purely in ABAP, I had a chance to work on a FIORI project and was amazed how the web development had changed over time. Every service has its own API and you can reuse all the information and combine them together, everything just depends on your fantasy.

My hobby project that helps the community

I just wanted to keep up to day with those technologies, so I was looking for a meaningful hobby project which I can tailor during evenings and weekends. By chance, I found out that it is a pain to look for SAP FICO jobs. Why? The reason is simple, FICO is not an official term, thus employers post job advertisements with different headlines - sap fico, sap fi/co, sap fi-co, sap fi or sap co. Most of the major job boards does not aggregate these terms, so you need to look for several terms.

At the beginning, I have created a twitter bot which looks for these terms using Indeed API and post it automatically using Twitter API. This bot actually got nice amount of followers and is used by them. SAP FICO Jobs (@sapficojobs) | Twitter

This was an easy task and when it succeeded, I decided to built the whole website where you can actually filter you location and makes it comfortable to look up for results. So I created a droplet (own linux server) on DigitalOcean ( it costs only 5$ per month, I was amazed again), picked a domain, installed django (python web framework) and started to work. After several iterations of development, I am satisfied with the final version (so far :smile: ). You can find it at SAP FICO Jobs -

Emailing service

I still was not truly satisfied with the results, I found out that emailing service with job ads could a nice bonus for the visitors. And that is why I have implemented it using Indeed API and Mandrill API.

You can actually look for a location and receive email digests based on your preferences (frequency and location). For example, look for a Virginia, United States and easily put your email in the text fields.

It actually attracted around 120 users and the mailing list has around 40% open rate and 5% click rate what gives me great feeling that the email service is actually being used and helpful for SAP community.

Outcome, next steps and final notes

It was a great journey for me to unveil all great technologies which are easily available for web developers these days. Now when the database of the website is filled with real data, I would like to go on and connect django framework with openUI5 framework which is another great challenge.

I would like to note that this project does not have any connection with my employer - SAP SE, it was not confirmed, nor funded etc. It is purely my hobby evening activity in order to improve my skills and help the community.

I hope you have enjoyed my story, so go ahead and find your dream FICO job or create a profile at SAP FICO Jobs -

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