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Article originally written by Ido Mosseri

Plant-Based Nutrition for Endurance Athletes by an Ultramarathon Champion on October 21, 2015 (15:00 CET)

As part of the VEG@SAP events, Ariel Rosenfeld, an ultramarathon runner, will give a lecture on plant-based nutrition for endurance athletes. An ultramarathon is any distance that is over 42 kilometers (usually between 60-120 kilometers) .

Ariel is a very charismatic speaker with lots of experience speaking to large groups.

If you are interested in long-distance running or nutrition, don’t miss this event!

It will be broadcast simultaneously to several SAP locations around the globe (see table below). If your location is not listed and you'd like to participate, please notify Ido Mosseri.

You can see more details on the VEG@SAP SAP Jam page. Also, feel free to join the group!

Presentation date: October 21, 2015

LocationAmbassador*RoomLocal Time
1Rannana (Israel)Ido MosseriGrill Room16:00
2Reston(US)Mowery, Linda
Bagai, Saroj
VC WDC10 3-370 (08) (Athena)09:00
3Montreal(Canada)Hedjazi, NiloufarVC MON02 22-440 (16) (Hollerith)09:00
4Hallbergmoos (Germany)Ismalou, Rosemary VC MUE01 DE.16 (08) (Schliersee)15:00
5Newtown Square(US)Schneider, Frank VC NSQ02 D1.404 (12) 09:00
7WDF(Germany)Schaettler, TanjaVC WDF03 B3.01 15:00
8Berlin(Germany)Higgins, SineadVC BER03 A3.45 15:00
9Dublin (Ireland)Bourke, Elizabeth VC DUB04 1.05 (08) (Lugnaquilla) 14:00

* To get the meeting request, if you are an SAP employee, please join the event page, export it and save it to your Outlook.
* For any other issue, or if you would like to join but are not an SAP employee, please contact Ido Mosseri or your local ambassador.

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