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It may have been pouring rain in San Francisco’s Castro District during the first night of the annual Lesbians Who Tech Summit (#LWTSUMMIT) – but no amount of rain or wind could ruin this parade of badass, queer, lesbians who tech and their allies celebrating the power of inclusivity.

As a first-time attendee, I felt a certain spark as I crossed Castro District’s rainbow-painted crosswalk toward the regal Castro Theater’s marquee which read: “THE FUTURE IS QUEER, INCLUSIVE + BADASS.”

This spark is quite familiar. It’s the “HELL YEAH” feeling that change is finally here. No one should ever have to feel like they need to cover their identity in the workplace. We are redefining what it means to truly be yourself at work and are building supportive communities that are diversely beautiful and inclusive to all.

So with that, let’s get down to the real reason why anyone should read this blog. The coolest trends from the first night …

Rainbows Everywhere:

OK this one is obviously a given, bear with me here. I was very happy to see the myriad of well-known brands upgrade their logos to rainbow-theme.

Here's my collection:

I’m still waiting on Disney to have the first queer or intersectional princess, but for now, I’ll wear these pins with honor!

Rad Shoes and Hairdos:

Light-up shoes are in. So are rad hairdos – see trending #LWTSHAIR for reference. This is a safe space for expression and the unity of our energy is palpable.


Genuinely Nice People:

I work with recruiters at SAP and during the Tech Crawl I probably spoke with more than 50 badass people. Each of them was open to getting to know one another.

One person I spoke with told me about her experience as the only female engineer on her team– let alone the only queer woman. When she discovered the LWTSUMMIT, she finally felt a sense of place – “that’s where all the lesbians in tech are,” she said in relief.

Here are a few photos of my badass colleagues at our SAP booth – come say hello at the Ida B. Wells Tech Pavilion in the next few days, we’d love to meet you and are currently hiring for both internships and full-time roles nationally.


P.S. -- You’ll know who I am by my pins: