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Authored by August Fisher, Talent Acquisition Intern - SAP Global Talent Acquisition - North & Latin America.

My name is August Fisher (27) and I’m currently finishing my last year at Villanova’s Masters of Science program in Human Resource Development and entering into the rest of my life@SAP. By the time I submit this blog post I will have finished two months here at SAP!

Let’s rewind and start from the beginning with an abridged version of my life. I’ll save you from the play by play details.

Years ago, after graduating from high school, I enlisted in the US Navy. I knew I wanted to pursue a master’s degree after completing my time in the service. I zoomed through my undergraduate degree in three years, was top 10% in my class, president of my major’s honor society, and was able to enroll immediately into graduate school.

Driven to find a lifelong career focusing on career development, specifically in Talent Acquisition (recruiting), I began exploring my options.

It didn’t take long to find SAP, as SAP has it all. SAP is at the forefront of business enterprise, applications, cloud, HR solutions, software, big data, and so many other frontiers. I knew they were making the world run better, and I wanted to be a part of it.

Of course, not being part of SAP I could only hope I would love it as much as I hoped once part of the team.

From the first day I started; no scratch that, from the first day I was contacted by SAP I knew this place was different, better than the rest. They cared about who I was as an individual, what my strengths were, what I was passionate about, where in the company I would fit best, and how to transition me into SAP in a smooth way which would allow me to succeed. They found my dream job and put me in it.

That was the hook, but after I started it just got better. My team is amazing. The people I work with are professional, but approachable and down to earth. I haven’t had a question since I started that’s gone unanswered. People show appreciation for your determination.

If you’re looking for a place where you’ll be valued as an individual, and feel you’re part of something bigger than yourself, then look no further. SAP values diversity and realizes creating teams from around the world, with different backgrounds, strengths, and weaknesses is an asset.

SAP is alive, adapting, and fast paced. You will never be bored here, and that is fantastic. Not one day has gone by that was the same as the day before. I’ve been able to jump from project to project, working on things that interest me, add value, help me grow professionally, and allow me to love my job every day anew, whether I come into work or not.

Or not? Yes, that’s right. SAP understands life happens, and sometimes it’s just easier to get work done out of the office. Although I personally enjoy coming into our awesome work environment, where there’s great people, awesome food, and an indoor gym. I’ve also enjoyed the days when I decided it’s easier to work from my home office, and drop the redundant commute for a day.

I’m just one person, one piece of the SAP puzzle. Come see for yourself what a great place to work SAP really is!

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