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If you really want to change yourself in the world of SAP you have to take actions and take actions now on these habits.

Visualize and think about yourself as you would really like to be not just as you are today.

We all are dreamt of a successful life. A life in which we have financial freedom, illustrious career, a bunch of good friends/colleagues and we have seen some people become very successful and others are not. In fact, if we figure out many successful people interviews over the years and ask the question

What do they think about most of the time?

Their answers are simple and consistent and they are so profound that they can be life-changing. They always think positively. They get up early in the morning. They read a lot. They eat simply. They think about what they want and how to get it.

We all know this stuff but most important how can we be more productive, effective and performing well like other successful people.

The secret lies in the law of increment improving or what Japanese calls it Kaizen and we need to apply these laws into our daily life to be more successful in SAP.

From the internet.

Kaizen is the Japanese word for “continuous improvement” in business, Kaizen refers to activities that continuously improve all functions and involves all employees from the CEO to the assembly line workers.

Rule number 1:

Get up early and read one hour

Always get up early in the morning and invest one or two hours on yourself a daily basis by reading something that will motivational or educational. They say as reading is to mind as exercise is to body. Our mind is very fresh in the morning so instead of watching television or reading the newspaper read something which is purposeful. Read something related to your subject, a business scenario, business proposal do brainstorming on it. let say you are in SAP SD read something about Master data, business processes, transient data, basic function on a daily basis. This golden hour of study improves your concept in problem-solving, subject different matters and improve your self-concept in the mastering of your SAP module or your field. Gradually your performance related to what you read and performance at work increases.

Rule number 2:

Plan your day in advance and write your daily tasks.

When you planned your day and prioritize your task you start building the habit of consistency and punctuality. You know what is important in your priority list and you start working on it with full attention and concentration and so on. Let say you have to meet someone officially, a seminar to attend and workload demands your presence as the SAP team leads. In this case, the planning of the day ahead is very handy. prioritizing a task will build the habit of how well you organizing. place a reminder on your cell phone, place a personal note at your front desk are a few tips to remind you of your daily task. you basically calculated your time and how can you make most out of it is up to you so make your time valuable.


Rule number 3:

Ask yourself 2 questions in any scenario meeting/interview

What do I do right?

What I would do differently next time?

AS from the self-concept theory of career development successful people have a very high self-concept. Take this self-concept as the mental hard drive of your mind subconscious. Every thought, feeling, emotions, experience and decision you have ever had is recorded in this mental hard drive. Once recorded, these impressions influence the way you think, feel and behave that point onward.

Think of your recent interview/meeting and if you ask yourself about these type of question

What did I do wrong?

Where did I make a mistake?

Your subconscious recorded these negative reviews as instructions and next time you are in interview you will make the same mistake. However, if you ask yourself what did I do right your subconscious records these reviews and you will behave differently when you encounter the same situation next time.

Point being if you want to be successful you must change your self-concept. Once your self-concept is formed in a particular area you always act in a matter consistent with it but if your self-concept is poor in that area you always performed below your true potential. You have a self-concept for how well you as a leader, as a parent, as a partner, as the ability to read & write, as SAP mentor, as every aspect of life.

Rule number 4:

Step outside your comfort zone

Successful people always work outside their comfort zone. They never tend to remain in their comfort zone. They are not working like 9-5 hours they usually work 12-14 hours. If you invest one hour on reading books relevant to your career. By reading one hour you approximately read one book per week which on average 50 books per year. This is almost doing a Ph.D. where you read 50 odd books and compile your research into a dissertation. By reading daily you really ace in one subject and your self-concept is very high in that particular area. AS Malcolm Gladwell mention in his book tipping point you need 10000 hours to be competent in any field. Just break your comfort zone and start mastering things that are relevant to your career by prioritizing. If you have a career in SAP participate in the forum, thread, learn others module which is interlinked like SAP SD/MM/PP.

Rule number 5:

Always think positive

Always greet people with a smile on face as passing a smile will not cost you. Treat everyone whom you meet like a million-dollar customer. Treat your friend, family, peers as they are very important in your life. The more good you feel about them the more positive you feel about yourself. The more you think positive about them more they want to work with you and around you.

These rule helping me and I hope its work for everyone.


Qaiser Rafique