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With the world around us changing at breakneck speed leading to radical shifts in how we live and work, the Future of Work continues to be one of the hottest and most discussed topics in the market.

For good reason, because facing global shifts and macro trends such as new technologies, hybrid work, climate change and skill shortages offers a unique opportunity for businesses to truly reimagine the way the world works. To lead the way into the next world of work, meeting new and emerging needs, SAP made a bold move by creating a dedicated Future of Work organization driving this topic end-to-end.


A little more than a year ago we as SAP´s global Future of Work organization embarked on our journey, paving the way for our people to thrive in the future. To make SAP and its people even more agile, resilient, and future-fit, we are implementing a holistic Future of Work agenda – focusing on the future of SAP’s workforce, innovative people, and workplace practices, as well as the future of HR.

As described in our recently launched Future of Work thought leadership booklet, we are leveraging leading-edge workplace concepts, people insights, and our own state-of-the-art technology for bringing our ambitions to life.


Based on our agenda we´ve set up our global team along eight agile capability-based clusters, each delivering on our holistic agenda with our more than 110,000 SAP colleagues and dedicated networks for maximum impact. As a team we are testing and role modelling new ways of working, bringing our agile cluster-based approach to life by leveraging Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) as our joint collaborative goal setting methodology. This enables us to scale agility within our organization, increasing transparency and fostering knowledge transfer, exchange, and productivity – powered by dedicated cross-functional team collaboration.

These are our clusters and that´s what they do to make the Future of Work a reality at SAP:

Pledge to Flex Program Team

Transforms SAP into a true hybrid company by bringing Pledge to Flex, our global commitment to Flex Work, to life. Supports SAP´s teams with targeted enablement offerings such as the Flex Team Workshop, to define their best-fit Flex Work setup based on individual and customer needs.

Workforce Planning

Sets the path for a future-ready workforce and translates SAP’s business priorities into forward-looking workforce considerations by providing INSIGHT on current workforce composition, market trends and desired future state, along dimensions like skills, roles, career-level-mix, age-mix, location strategy and employment models (internal vs. external workforce). Together with our HR practices and business units, SWP triggers ACTION paths to address gaps identified.

New Work Practices

Guides and enables organizations, teams, and leaders to apply New Work Practices so that they can thrive in the Future of Work. Coordinates the New Work Movement as a platform for learning and dialogue across SAP and provides governance.

Health, Safety & Well-Being

Sets a global standard on how we care for our employees’ health, safety, and well-being in compliance with SAP’s Health & Safety Policy and international health and safety regulations. By fostering a caring culture, healthy habits, productivity, and resilience with tailored physical health and mental well-being offerings, dedicated support for leaders as well as crisis support, we enable our people to run at their best.

Strategy & Innovation

Showcases the Future of Work at SAP while scouting and infusing new trends into the organization. Matches outside-in perspectives with our HR portfolio to highlight and engage in co-innovation opportunities across SAP’s People Strategy.

Digital Lab

Boosts digital experiences and productivity with new hybrid work technology, digital workplace innovations and SuccessFactors Human Experience Management. Driving digitization and automation via SAP Business Technology Platform to provide employee experiences at scale.


Provides data-driven intelligence that drives our programs and initiatives. Continuously listens to our employees across the globe as basis for creating actions that drive positive change and help to shape the Future of Work at SAP.

Alumni Relations

Unfolds the strategic potential of retaining and referring talents in the SAP ecosystem. Supports SAP by nurturing a vibrant community of convinced brand ambassadors and by leveraging the expertise, diversity, and outside-in perspective of our closely connected SAP Alumni.

Moving forward we are building up more topics and initiatives of our clusters with which they pave the way for SAP´s people to thrive in the Future of Work.


As we can only evolve by connecting and getting in touch, exchanging on our endeavors, please share your thoughts and questions in the comments.

Looking ahead, our journey has just begun – let´s take the opportunity to shape the Future of Work together! Check out our Future of Work Community Page for more on our new adventures and how we drive the topic end-to-end at SAP.