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SAP Academy is a 9-month program that brings new hires from around the world to participate in a curriculum that blends classroom-style learning at our world-class facility in Dublin, CA with on-the-job training at one of SAP’s many international office locations.

With our latest Sales Academy set to begin this month, we wanted to follow four Sales Academy students throughout their time over the next 9 months. The idea is to give a real account from real participants about their experience. In this week's preview, Ellie Lamey, Sales Academy Account Executive, who has been in the program for about a month now, shares with us a little bit about herself, why she enrolled in the program, and what career tools and experiences she expects from Sales Academy!

Prior to joining the SAP Sales Academy, I had already worked at SAP for 3 years. In 2009-10, I was SAP’s first intern in the UKI and subsequently went on to set up a structured intern program, which now currently has 32 interns across the business. I then went back to University where I got a 1st class honors degree in Business Management from Oxford Brookes. I returned to SAP in 2011 where I joined Pre-Sales. Within my 2 years in Pre-Sales, I worked in both the Mobility and CRM team working with customers of all sizes from all industries.

The MD of the UK put out a communication about the Sales Academy and that’s when I applied for it in London.  The program really appealed to me as it combines both in class learning and training and then mentoring from a top salesman in the field, which means you can gain huge amounts of learning and support before actually owning your own quota.

As I was an internal [employee] applying, I had to go through two interviews: one with recruitment, and one with a sales manager. If we got through these then you go forward for the assessment day, which, lucky, I did! The assessment day comprised of team work and presenting as a team and then individual interviews, mainly in the role of a salesperson in a team. This was very different from the previous interviews that I already had in the previous rounds, which was good.

Having been on the sales academy for one month now I feel it is really helping me shape my career in sales. I have already been involved with, and closed, my first small deal, giving me the confidence and knowledge I need to be start to be successful in sales next year. I am going off to America on Saturday for the first rotation of the in-class training, which I sure will further develop my knowledge and skills.

Keep watch next week for our next post in our SAP Sales Academy series, and read our previous Sales Academy blog entry from Blake Rowley here.

To learn more about the SAP Academy program and to apply, please click here:

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