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We always talk about our comfort zone, and we know that nothing interesting happens there. I mean, we know that the same things will happen, we are stuck in routines, and habits, and at the end of the day, we already know what may or may not happen.

But also, we know that by remaining in our comfort zone, we continue in sameness. Maybe that opportunity hasn’t happened yet because we’re not doing anything different, and as consequence, we’re having the same results.

And because we get the same results, we feel frustrated. Frustration invites discouragement, and the cycle repeats itself.

We can gradually leave our comfort zone, for example, make different paths to go to work, do a different program with the children or with the family. Small examples like these, motivate us in different ways, giving us more motivation to try something bigger.

Using an example of mine, I'm a bit shy to talk to high-level leadership. But in my organization, we have opportunities to have 1:1 with them. Often in my head (and of several of you) it is common to think that high-level leadership is something unreachable, what to talk/ask these people? How to behave? What clothes to wear?

We care a lot about small things. Sure, we need to prepare, and study topics, but you don’t need to know the universe formula for a conversation with them.

Returning to my example, with butterflies in my stomach, the meeting ran very smoothly. After leaving these conversations, I felt much more included, as a whole, in my company.

Then I thought about my comfort zone: well, it took me so long to have these conversations. And in the end, I wasted time creating a thousand scenarios in my head and losing energy with something that is relatively simple. Rather than spending energy doing/creating something that could indeed add me professionally/personally.

Try yourself

Not all risks we take will lead us to success, sometimes, we fail, and we can learn from it as well. Analyze what went well and what didn't, shape and reshape the idea, and retry.

How many times do we let opportunities pass because the fear of risk is greater than success?

I invite you to test yourself out of your comfort zone, where nothing or almost nothing happens.

We all have the capacity, we just need to use it in our favor.