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The Birthplace of SAP Lumira

By Sanja Frketich & Rachel Ho

SAP Vancouver Development site was founded in 1984 as Crystal Services and was officially established as SAP Labs Canada, Vancouver, in 2009. With more than 25 years of development experience in Business Intelligence, the SAP Vancouver Development team is very excited to work on a self-service, data visualization solution called SAP Lumira.

The SAP Lumira Desktop will enable analysts and decision makers to access and transform data into beautiful visualizations. Those visualizations can then be shared as stories with others via our Lumira Server and Lumira Cloud.

Our development team works in iterative life cycle with cross-functional teams that are gathering requirements, designing, coding, and testing. We continuously interact with customers to ensure an understanding of user’s needs and requirements.

Here is just one of the examples that demonstrate how you can easily convey and share insights and go beyond standard reports.

Go ahead and test out SAP Lumira for yourself. You can download a free trial version, connect to your data, and start creating beautiful visualizations. You can also browse our comprehensive samples and access many tutorials.

SAP Lumira is about more than just creating data visualizations however, it is also about using self-service data to solve real-world problems.

SAP Lumira Solves Real-World Problems

Lumira’s versatility allows for fun and engaging ways to promote the product to all users. Led by the SAP Lumira Product Marketing team, the DataGeek challenge provides the opportunity for data analysts of all skill levels to get hands-on experience. Titled Thrones of Data, the third installment of the DataGeek contest encourages users to not only use Lumira to create compelling visualizations but to also gain experience in data storytelling.

The DataGeek team recently led an SAP Lumira 101 workshop for three non-profit organizations at the Vancouver site. Data sets in hand,KidSafe ProjectSociety, University of British Columbia, Focus on Women in Computing Science and Junior Achievement BC sat down with SAP Lumira experts to use the product for the first time. Not only did these organizations create stunning visualizations, but they were able to present to their peers the insight they gained through the use of Lumira.

KidSafe used Lumira to analyze the effect of offering field trips and providing transportation on attendance in their summer program. UBC analyzed trends in female performance in Computer Science courses relative to male performanceand program progression and realized females actually outperform their male counterparts. Junior Achievement BC realized trends in sponsorship for their major fundraiser dedicated to educating young people about business. The success of the workshop resulted in SAP Lumira helping solve real-world problems with self-service data visualization.

After publishing their work to SAP Lumira Cloud, all three organizations submitted their links to DataGeek III: Thrones of Data, joining thousands of DataGeeks worldwide in the fight for the Throne of Lumira. In addition to receiving free, limited edition DataGeek t-shirts, all participants were entered to win a FitBit! Try SAP Lumira for free and join Thrones of Data by Friday, December 5th!

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