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The Installed Base Maintenance and Support (IMS) Canada team in Montreal and Toronto includes some of the greatest masterminds at SAP. IMS is the development support organization that delivers high quality maintenance with high customer satisfaction. This team of highly skilled developers not only possess technical knowledge, but also business acumen. Not only can IMS developers solve the most challenging of technical issues but can also communicate and build relationships with clients to truly respond to their needs.

IMS Montreal


When a user has an issue with an SAP application, the first level of support they reach out to is Product Support. Product Support helps with frontline assistance and aims to solve 80% of problems by finding existing solutions and advising on configuration of the systems.

The IMS team steps in when there is an error or malfunctionality in a standard product that needs to be corrected. IMS developers also work on enhancements of standard products providing support to SAP development teams and customer-specific projects. The code changes and improvements made by IMS developers are published for all the customers to download and install to their systems.

IMS Toronto


The IMS mission is to safeguard the installed base while being the owner and product expert for applications. IMS ensures that the continuous product improvements have a large-scale standardized impact. IMS cultivates long-term relationships with their customers and thrives to make their journey with SAP a success.


The tech industry has seen a major focus shift in development to cloud computing in recent years. A new generation of products redefines business models and user experience for SAP customers and creates new opportunities for IMS. The IMS team is taking over complete ownership of the existing products such as SAP Business Suite and continues to take on maintenance of new solutions. With full responsibility for development and maintenance, IMS+ points to a bright future for SAP, driving growth and fostering continuous innovation.