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Recently I have become very interested in meditation and when I meet Ian Mills, a 20 year veteran of meditation, I asked him for some tips to get started with meditation and also any tips to make my meditation better.

Here are 5 effective meditation tips that Ian learned and found helped him as he began his meditation practice.

1. Prepare the space.

I sectioned off a space for my meditation. Living in a space that others inhabit tends to feel like I have nowhere to run and hide. So sectioning off a space just for me that could be held sacred was incredibly valuable. I find when I make meditation about the entire experience of cherishing my wants and needs I am showing myself just how important I am. You can do this by drawing out a little space just how you want it, putting your favorite objects in there. You can do it by a window to feel the cool breeze on your face or outside. Make it how you would want it and let your dreams manifest. How do you prepare for meditation?

2. Set an Intention.

Setting intentions is a powerful method to show your universe what you want more of. It is also a way of keeping track of your progress. My intentions started out as I want to make more money and slowly as I meditated turned into, I want greater inner peace. This new intention in return reflected to me the great amount of abundance I already had. I was beginning to see how I could change my way of thinking to appreciate what life had already given me. Setting intentions is a useful tool to increase self - awareness.

3. Ask a Question.

This is another simple method of putting out what you want more of into the universe. You can ask things like, “how can I get people to listen more,” or “how can I listen and hear what it is I want more of in a greater way.” I find this put me in greater touch with myself and the powerful manifester I already was but didn’t know it yet.

4. Write down your distractions.

I find if I kept a note pad near me while meditating I could not only write down all those thoughts that were getting in the way of my peace but I could also write down any important awareness’s I had. Letting go of fleeting thoughts can leave room to be open to greater clarity.

5. Listen to a Guided Meditation.

Listen to a guided meditation. These can be a great stepping stone to creating your own inner practice. There are lots out there to pick from so do some research or ask someone you trust for a suggestion. Here are a few suggestions, it is a series of guided meditations that I recommend and often use.

If you are interested in learning meditation Ian suggests a process called “How to Meditate in 5 Easy Steps“.