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This interview was originally authored and conducted by Lyly Luong, HR Recruitment Consultant at SAP AG.

Lisa Schall is a German student who started the Dual Student Program of Business Administration at our SAP office in Walldorf, Germany in Fall 2012.

Our Dual Student Program is for high school graduates who would like to study business administration or business informatics at university, while at the same time gaining a hands-on experience at a company. SAP Germany offers the program to train students on the job at different departments for a period of 3 months each. In between these practical phases, dual students go to university for 3 months, and the entire program is completed with a Bachelor’s degree after 3 years. Compared to a regular student who only learns theory and maybe does a few short internships, our dual students have the opportunity to gain a deeper practical knowledge and to understand the business and processes at SAP during their studies.

We interviewed Lisa to ask her about what she is doing at SAP, and how the Dual Student Program is beneficial for students trying to get "real world" experience from their internships.

Lisa, tell us more about this. What are you currently doing?

“I graduated from high school last year and have started the three-year Dual Student Program of Business Administration at SAP afterwards. At the moment, I'm in my second practical phase in the department of Specialized Sales. The big topic of the team in which I work is 'GRC-Governance, Risk and Compliance'. I support the team with preparing presentations and creating an spreadsheets with all customers and partners.”

What are the advantages of this study program?

“In my opinion, the biggest benefit of being a dual student is that you have practical phases - every three months, studies at university alternate with practical assignments at the company. I think this is a good opportunity to work in the company and get some useful hands-on experience for your future. Of course, you don’t have any breaks like a “normal” student and this is sometimes also a little bit stressful. But for me, this is a good way to find out your interests for your professional future.”

Apart from being a dual student at SAP, what do you do in your spare time?

“I love doing sports outside- in summertime I often play tennis and go mountain biking. And in wintertime I go skiing and snowboarding. And of course I like to meet my friends and just hang out with them and relax.”

We want to thank Lisa for taking time out out of her busy schedule to give us some real insight into the Dual Student Program, and any students looking to gain real world experience here at SAP, please visit our SAP Careers page for Students and Graduates here!