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The SAP Student Program is for students who would like to study business administration or business informatics at university, while at the same time gaining a hands-on experience at a company. SAP Germany offers the program to train students on the job at different departments for a period of 3 months each. In between these practical phases, dual students go to university for 3 months, and the entire program is completed with a Bachelor’s degree after 3 years. Compared to a regular student who only learns theory and maybe does a few short internships, our dual students have the opportunity to gain a deeper practical knowledge and to understand the business and processes at SAP during their studies.

In our latest entry in the SAP Student Spotlight series, Olena Polutina, part of the SAP Student Program in Germany, gives us a glimpse into her work in the program as well as school life and her passion for dancing.

My name is Olena. Originally coming from Ukraine, I’m doing my Master’s in German Studies and Business Administration with a focus on Marketing and Communication at the University of Mannheim in Germany. I joined SAP in Walldorf almost a year ago as a working student in the EMEA Business Operations department. I'm still working with the same team, mainly supporting EMEA Sales Strategy & Operations, internal communication and people project.

A lot of people who know me would probably say that my passion is dancing… and they're quite right, except for the fact that for me passion is life in all its facets. Reading a good book on a sofa, working without noticing the time because the project is really exciting, cooking for a beloved person,  boarding the plane for the new breathtaking journey or watching the sunset on the beach – it is all about passion! But dance is definitely one of the greatest passions ever, being the driving force for everything else in my life. It is the best medicine for bad spirits, it is a source of energy, joy, harmony and inspiration, it is the best way to be myself without limits and rules!

I began to dance as a child. Although I was never a professional dancer, dance has been playing a very important part in my life being the unique experience of rhythm, grace and infinity of emotions. What is my favorite dance? I honestly do not know. It is a state of mind and experience, a certain atmosphere and a chance that bring this or that dance into my life. I found lightness and invisible power and learnt self-discipline in the classical choreography. The ballroom dancing gave me the sense of competition and show experience.  The Ukrainian folk dances are priceless traditions of my motherland. Jazz & modern dance are a cute boldness. Salsa is joy, flirting and party. Samba and other afro-latin rhythms are wild nature and incredible music beat. Flamenco is unlimited passion with some melancholic touch, a kind of a soul monologue. Tango is a dialogue of two souls, sensual and intimate.

Every dance has its charm and the whole world does not really matter in this beautiful moment of music, rhythm and free emotions. And I am sure a lot of dancers would agree that once you fall in love with the music and dance, you just cannot stop anymore. So, shall we dance?