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For the 3rd year in a row we select one of the working Saturdays (special for Bulgarian legislation) to be dedicated on sport activities and wellbeing lectures for our employees.

In 2016 we had several activities that are reoccurring:

  • Yoga demonstration for 20 people
  • Horse riding – 10 minutes per person for 48 people
  • Mountain walk towards Vitosha – 20 people
  • Wall climbing – 15 people
  • Tennis on court – 36 people
  • National dances – 20 people
  • Slak training – 20-50 people
  • Special lecture on food – 70 people
  • Football tournament – 50 people

(Morning activities)

And we added few new activities:

  • Kangoo Jumps training for 60 people
  • Volleyball games for 36 people
  • Conditional training (Crossfit) for 40 people
  • Sport dances – 20 people
  • Water aerobics for 30 people
  • Extreme mountain cycling – 15 people
  • Special lecture on wellbeing including food and training – 70 people

(Noon activities)

The idea of having a Sport day is to try at least 2-3 things especially new things you never tried and to get engaged with some new sport activities or learn more on how to be and stay healthy. The variety is from 10 minutes horse riding, 30-40 minutes tennis or exercises, 1 hour training, to a daylong mountain walk. We keep most of them short so employees can try more things and we have them in our premises or in the sport area nearby to make sure they really join.


(Afternoon activities)

The key to our success is that many of these activities are organized or coordinated by the employees themselves and it makes a lot more difference when you organize something for the benefit of your colleagues.

(The football champions - Gold United)