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Once upon a time, SAP Consultants were specialized in sub-components of individual functional areas such as Payroll within HR.

Time changed, SAP Consultants were supposed to know all about their chosen functional area such as different sub-components within HR.

Later SAP Consultants had to know more than one functional area such as HR and Finance OR they needed to be Techno-Functional.

Another shift which changed the job market dynamics was on having skills, in addition to functional areas, such as Project Management.

Now if you want to be successful, you have to do more than that. In simple words, you’ve to align yourself with changing market needs. Here’s what you can do.

Shift (or enhance) your focus to Cloud Offering while learning something about other cloud solutions and their integrations.

If your focus was Finance, Procurement, Sales, or HR, you need to learn Simple Finance, Ariba, Hybris, SuccessFactors etc.

While you choose one of those components as your specialization, you also need to have some basic understanding of related functions.

For detailed learning in your area of choice, obviously you need to invest more time and money. Get the required formal training.

For overviews and basic understanding, which you require anyways, you may benefit from openSAP courses. Until now, I've benefited from 13 such courses. I shared few learning tips here and here.

In addition to the Function you specialize, learning about supporting tools and methodologies is definitely an advantage.

Learn about Solution Manager 7.2, and Activate Methodology. Follow this link to learn more.

Other skills you need to polish are turning social media to your advantage.

Share the knowledge you learned, tell about experience you earned.

Improve your communication skills, written and verbal.

Learn to present your ideas better, to colleagues and community, and do it frequently.

Connect with Seniors to learn from their experiences. No bragging about Seniority, but you may connect with me here.

Its not a formal blog post, it's basically a response to the queries I receive quite often and as such written informally. I'm thinking to update what I wrote few years ago on SAP Skills valid at that time. Please leave your comments, if you like to see something specific in my to-be write-up.