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The SAP Sales Academy program is located on the SAPsv Dublin, CA campus.  Here newly hired millennials from around the world are brought together to learn about SAP products and how to help companies to invest in our solutions.

In order for the AAE’s (Academy Account Executives) to be a productive part of the SAP eco-system they first gotta “have” the stuff.  I don’t mean intelligence and energy (they have plenty) I am talking about mobile devices and software.

On Tuesday August 11th, the Enterprise Mobility team organized a Technology Showcase for the SAP Sales Academy program.  Our mission was to help the users to learn about what we do and to get their devices configured and installed with the sales applications they need.

Tricia Barton led the welcome speech.  She talked about our Enterprise Mobility team giving them the insight into our team’s mission to mobilize the workforce.

She told the students about the technology we use every day to build our apps - SAP HANA Cloud platform (HCP), Fiori, and native app development.

Next Anthony Dupre spoke about the MSC (Mobile Solution Center) and the services they offer.  He invited them to visit the MSC table if they needed help with troubleshooting issues with their device setup.

At the end of the IT presentations, David Fong, Sales Academy faculty member, got up and spoke to the audience about how they needed to get software installed. He explained that the Enterprise Mobility team and MSC was there to help.

The Enterprise Mobility team along with the MSC representatives walked around the room and assisted students and made sure that everyone was able to install Sales Central and the other sales mobile applications on their iPad’s, iPhones and Win8.1 devices.

Here is some of the feedback we received after the session.

“It’s never easy to move 100 people through a process like setting up Sales Central or install applications from Software Corner, but you made that possible! The planning, the setup of the stations, and the support provided from every member of team was a true reflection of ‘How We Run’ at SAP. This afternoon could not have been possible without your help.

On behalf of the Academy, thank you very much! “…..David Fong

“The session was absolutely fantastic. It really helped knock out some of the key issues prior to the event. It was wonderful to see your staff there helping as many users as we could… I said it really cut down the distractions during the tools and training portion right after.  I think this is a key component for Sales Academy and should be part of all future sessions.  Thanks again for your time and commitment.”……..Mike Melchiore

While the main end goal of our Technology Showcase was to help the AAE’s to get the sales applications installed, we also shared with them the excitement of working in the Enterprise Mobility group.  We love coding and using our own products to help us to develop exciting applications that solve real-life business problems.  We strive to make an SAP employee’s life simpler and more productive.  We shared, we taught and we helped.  We all had a great time together and it was a fun afternoon.  The Enterprise Mobility and MSC group looks forward to another Technology Showcase when the next wave of students arrive on campus.

IT welcomes the AAE’s to SAP where they will learn, grow and help make the world a better place.

Keep on learning.

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