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Now when you know that Businesses need IT Solutions to comply with certain requirements and to stay competitive, as we have discussed it earlier in SAP Implementation and Support, and Career, the next thing you should know is "you can work at Project or Support Organizations".

Let's now look at the SAP Career Options, in terms of skills needed at such assignments.

Types of SAP Projects

SAP Projects are of different types, such as

- Implementation
- Rollout
- Maintenance
- Upgrade

Each of the projects require certain skills so the desired outcomes could be achieved. For instance, at the Solution Implementation Project, business needs are analyzed, a solution is designed, system is configured & tested, data is loaded, and finally the Solution is available to be used by end-users.

The rollout projects, on the other hand, use an already developed solution. The main activity at such projects is data migration. Data is extracted from existing systems and loaded to the new one after transformation such as cleansing and filtering. If you're skilled in MS Excel, or similar tools, you may find working on such projects enjoyable.

SAP Support and Organization's IT

After going live, SAP Solution is maintained by an Organization's IT. The Maintenance and Upgrade projects are part of Technical Support work, which is often handled through a process called Change Request Management, to track the changes made in the system. Beyond such projects, IT also has to take care of Incident, Problem and Service Management. If you have an SAP Application or Modular Skills, along with Customer-Facing, you may find such work interesting.

In terms of SAP Career, one can work at Solution Consulting or Technical Support Roles.

In the next blog, within this series - Understanding SAP Career - you will learn What are some common types of SAP Employment Models?

So stay tuned for the next entry!
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