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Business Processes are vital for the continued success of an organisation. Strategic orchestration of these business processes spurs organisational growth. Its absence challenges business to coordinate and efficiently managed the various processes across the organisation that impact the overall productivity and profitability. Hence, Process Orchestration is a real business need.

Among leading EAI solutions, SAP offers a powerful product – SAP Process Orchestration (SAP PO) by technically converging SAP Process Integration (SAP PI), SAP Business Process Management (SAP BPM) and SAP Business Process Rules Management. SAP PO streamlines the communication and integration between SAP and other applications without using any third party software. It is one stop solution that enables enterprises to quickly automate and optimize the business processes thereby saving costs and avoiding expensive customisation.

Thus, SAP Process Orchestration (SAP PO) is certainly a key business driver for achieving differentiation and sustainability. Hence, organisations and SAP Professionals will need to master this integrated offering by SAP.

Self-Learning is always encouraged for SAP Professionals to cope with technological changes. SAP PO can be mastered through the comprehensive guide provided by Roberto Viana & John Bilay on SAP Process Orchestration. They have simplified SAP PO for learners by giving a practical approach for building and configuration of the system with tools and components of SAP PO. This book can be recommended for mastering and exploring SAP Process Orchestration in detail. For further insights, please visit:

* SCN SAP Process Orchestration 2015
* SAP Process Orchestration – The Comprehensive Guide (Bilay & Viana) April 2015