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SAP focuses on Big Data for 2014

In 2013, SAP solidified its market share by implementing cloud-based initiatives (including SuccessFactors and BusinessByDesign) to provide cloud, in-memory and mobility solutions for businesses on a global scale. But as SAP continues to grow its reputation as the ERP leader in the market, their focus for 2014 is firmly set on ‘Big Data’.

In 2014, Big Data is expected to evolve into mainstream usage, and with SAP’s Big Data offerings, businesses will be able to use large volumes of data sustainably and responsibly.

SAP’s Big Data technologies

SAP offers an extensive range of Big Data technologies, such as:

  • HANA
  • BusinessObjects BI
  • Enterprise Information Management (EIM)
  • Sybase IQ
  • Sybase Event Stream Processor (ESP)

Businesses are promised tangible results — including flexible data management, increased operational efficiency, and capital cost reduction. Little wonder then that both commercial and public sector organisations have chosen to invest in Big Data.

Big Data’s industry share

Currently, the ten most prominent industries to have realised the business value of SAP Big Data include utilities, banking, telecommunication, retail, FMCG, transportation and logistics, oil and gas, healthcare, chemical and manufacturing.

  • With SAP HANA, the utilities industry can analyse smart grid and smart meter data to maximize energy delivery, gauge usage patterns, and reduce costs.
  • The banking industry will be able to leverage financial and risk management insights to address banking issues promptly and streamline customer services across all channels.
  • The telecoms industry can deepen insight into customer behaviour to make the most of interaction for increased revenue.
  • In the retail sector, businesses would be able to respond to customer needs with targeted and personalised offers.
  • FMCGs can speed up their growth with real time insight into consumer and market dynamics; evaluating trends and opportunities to gain competitive advantage.
  • Transportation and logistics will be able to analyse profitability at a granular level — optimising itineraries and cargo selections to increase flexibility, reduce transportation costs, and improve asset utilisation.

Additionally, cloud based and mobile initiatives will remain in high demand throughout 2014, while SAP Solutions — including SAP SRM, CRM, HR, SCM, logistics (MM, WM, SD), SCM and BW — will continue to flourish.

Firsthand access to in-demand SAP specialists

With SAP Solutions and Big Data gaining popularity across every industry, quality SAP professionals are in high demand — meaning that if you want the best people for your business, you need to work with someone who has the right connections.

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