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The 2015 Asia-Pacific and China Smart City Development Summit Forum opened its doors to the public on the theme of “Intelligent Community Lights Your Life” in Shenzhen, China on November 17th. At the forum, IDC released a series of award-winning lists in the field of smart city development, including “Asia-Pacific Leading Smart City Award”, “China Leading Smart City Award”, and “Leading Smart City Solution Provider Award”. SAP Nanjing Innovation Center won the “2015 Leading Smart Transportation Solution Provider Award” with its outstanding contribution and excellent demonstration in the unit of “Leading Smart City Solution Provider Award”.

▲Evan Ni, VP of SAP, General Manger of SAP Nanjing Innovation Center accepted the 2015 Leading Smart Transportation Solution Provider Award at the forum.

The appraisal of the “2015 Leading Smart Transportation Solution Provider Award” contains a two-level weighted evaluation system with corresponding indicators at each level. One is the 3 first-level indicators, including market performance, strategy and potential for future development; the other is 13 second-level indicators, including operating revenue, market share, solution competency, core technology & product, practical case; strategic mission, distribution, organization, ecosystem; business model innovation, operating management, market expanding, technical R&D capability in the future development. The results of the analyst evaluations are then weighted to obtain the final scores, which is conducted by IDC, government institutions and other industrial experts within past five months.

With SAP HANA, the leading Big Data platform, and rich industry experience, SAP has been very successful in applying and integrating Big Data technology in smart city development; bringing valuable practices to city managers and transportation service providers.

Joseph Xiang, Senior Business Development Manager of SAP Nanjing Innovation Center, delivered a keynote presentation on the theme of “Big Data Drives the Smart Traffic Development” at the forum.

▲Joseph Xiang, Senior Business Development Manager of SAP Nanjing Innovation Center, delivered keynote at the forum.

Since its foundation in 2012, SAP Nanjing Innovation Center contributes to enhancing the cooperative innovation with government and enterprises with SAP’s technologies and experiences, of which an increasing number of cities benefit from SAP Smart Traffic Solution in their local smart city development.

Today, SAP Nanjing Innovation Center tightly co-innovate with enterprises and research institutions at home and abroad in the field of Smart City and Smart Traffic to develop series of Smart City solutions specifically for various government functions and enterprises. By the virtue of measurable indicators, these solutions fully play the value of Big Data to build standards in 4 perspectives: city's transportation congestion, public transportation operation, city's transport demands and basic data analysis; provide multi-dimensional-analyzed insights for government functions. At the same time, city administrators can further predict the abnormality in city traffic operation based on the above insights, and make policy or adjustment in transportation operation, city planning, etc. as needed.