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We believe that every little helps. After the success of our initiative in June 2014, we decided to support another local school. This time we partnered with Navachethana trust to identify the school that we could sponsor.

The government aided High school at KR Puram, Bangalore is a large school that educates more than 300 children. The kids are taught for free and the school’s objective is to expand its reach to more under privileged children.

Based on recommendations from Navachethana trust we visited the school and gathered information about areas where we could instil a difference. The school had a computer lab but no computer instructor to help realize the benefits. Instead of conducting impromptu coaching sessions, we, Labs India’s IT team evaluated the situation and hired a teacher with our contribution. We felt employing a teacher was more sustainable a solution.

We also noticed that the students were in uniform however did not have identity cards, ties and belts. The classrooms also lacked provision for storage. We organized to provide these items and this was greatly appreciated by the students and school authorities.

We anticipate that more kids are inspired to go to school after inspirational speeches, distribution of the requested articles and a new computer teacher. Later, we looked around the school and spent some time with the staff and students to explore and identify more opportunities.